Satan's Baby Doll (La Bimba di Satana, 1982)

US Severin DVD

Yes, i always thought that Andrea and Mario Bianchi were brothers (in sleaze-film-making crime) but they're were NOT i guess, they just
had the same family name and made the same type of Euro Trash Cinema - namesakes.
Mario Bianchi (born 1939) still lives acc. to IMDB, and if Andrea was a Euro Trash grade B director then Mario was a grade C director of countless
of Euro trash movies. He mostly made Porn in the 1980's and for 3 decades on but he have also made spaghetti's, sex comedies, Eurocrime and
horror and often with Gabriele Tinti or Marina Hedman in them, the latter a Swedish mostly-in-porn actress (born 1944) and she took part in "great"
films as i.a. Joe D'Amato's 1976 Emanuelle in America and 1979 Imagino di un Convento.

Mario made the probably worst Eurocrime Poliziottesco ever with his 1978 Provincia Violenta, or not, as i found it adorable in it's incompetence.
He also made the rotten late 1988 giallo "Non aver paura della zia Marta" (see more on Giallo and Eurocrime page 1).

This is the sequel to the 1979 "Malabimba" directed by the not-his brother Andrea Bianchi, and also with the film legend Mariangela Giordano in it.
A Sex horror about weird things going on in a castle, with the master of the castle, Antonio Aguilar (Aldo Sambrell) having his dead ... and naked
wife Maria (Marina Hedman) down deep in the Crypt. There are also the young daughter Miria (Jaqueline Dupree), the paralyzed brother Ignazio,
the servant Isidro and the beautiful nurse Sol played by film legend Mariangela Giordano. An attractive MILF already then and proud to be in the
Horror Hall of Shame with no less than 2 epic sleazy moments, with the Peter Bark zombie bite in Andrea Bianchi's 1981 "Burial Ground", and with the
even sleazier iron bar/skewer scene in 1980 "Patrick Still Lives".

MariAngela Giordano - The unsung Queen of the Euro Sleaze Film, and she obviously looks her all best dressed in nun clothing, and mediterranean
fans of the Nunsploitation genre knows this. Nunsploitation, mostly a catholic thing as we don't have that many nuns up here in Scandinavia.
Born in 1937 and a beauty queen in 1954 she was an actress star already in the 1950's in italian Sword and Sandal films. This goddess of an actress
played Countess von Fledermaus and and had a nude scene looking good in Jess Franco's "Killer Barbys" in 1996, almost 60 years old.

The Severin DVD presented the film in anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 with italian audio mono with english subtitles. Extras: Interview with director
Mario Bianchi (- The Master of Euro Trash) AKA Alan W. Cools "The Exorcism of Baby Doll" (18 minutes, 2007) - a nice old man that doesn't seem
to burst of pride over this his film, a trailer


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