Satanico pandemonium (La Sexorcista/La Novizia indemoniata, 1973)

US Mondo Macabro DVD edition

Great, a well made and .... yes, again, as with most Méxican movies .... atmospherical Nunsploitation horror from the good old 1970's.
I'm decidedly fascinated by México, it's history and the mix of latin and indian culture and i always cheering for their national football
team, El Tri. I also like the great film industry and some of the rock bands. So, most Méxican things have this nice atmosphere for me.

That unique catholic iconoclastic film making that probably doesn't exist anymore in the Latin country film industries, they've surely
been Hollywood-ified all of them, and Nuns also probably has lost that forbidden erotic charge that's a requisite for an exploitation
movie. Sure, there have been some efforts to make Neo-Nunsploitation by hipsters in the US, but that's not the same as the genuine
stuff made in the 1950's - 1970's in catholic countries. Neo-Giallo and Neo-Grindhouse doesn't work that well either, you can't fake it.

The innocent, kind and God trusting Sister María (Cecilia Pezet) is tormenting herself, she flaggelates and tortures herself and she
hallucinates being harassed by the Devil. She seduces and then knives a fellow Nun, she causes the suicide of another, she murders
a young boy and she kills the Mother Superior. She's totally out of control.
To avoid the torture of the Méxican Inquisition (about which she fantasizes) she starts to worship Satan (Enrique Rocha).

An original and inspired take on the Nunsploitation genre with some memorable Gore and with nude guitar playing nuns.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with spanish audio 2.0 and english subtitles, region free.
Extras: Two featurettes 1. The Devil went to México: Interview with script writer Adolfo Solares, the son of director Gilberto Solares,
about his father's films and about this film and it's actors. (15 minutes).
2. House of the Writhing Nun: Redemption's Nigel Wingrave about the Nunsploitation genre (11 minutes),
and a text about Nunsploitation through history, a list over Méxican Nuns movies 1930's-1990's, biography director


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