Roots of Evil (1989 - 1992)

German Cargo Records - Imperial Pictures DVD edition - region 2

I was unsure where to put this "masterpiece", on my Horror page or on my Cult and Classics page ? Anyway, this 1992 Crime Action horror
gem was delightfully trashy and sleazy to the hilt and with awful acting from almost everyone. Very entertaining it was and i actually liked
the quirky performance from Alex Cord and .... wow! The actresses, i mean The scream queens, OK, The models in this film were GORGEOUS
and there are nudity a plenty. Also my favourite Jewel Shepard is in it as a myopic street walker and she manages to keep her clothes on,
almost anyway (besides a boob popping out).

Above: Divine Jewel (pic not from the film) (You can read more about her and her film "Christina" on my Cult & Classics film page 2)

Charles Dierkop as the perp is hysterical, wild, overacting oh so badly but he seems to enjoy himself to the fullest. He's sweaty and nasty
and acts like a Jack Palance (only old guys knows who he was) on acid.

The director and cinematographer Gary Graver made this as a re-make of his own 1981 porno movie "Trinity Brown" (that had legendary
John Leslie in it) and what is this entertaining film getting for all it's greatness .... a 3,7 rating on IMDB !? What's wrong with people ? Don't
they recognize greatness when they see it ? This type of film can surely not be made anymore and if the director would've tried to make it
today (I'm writing this in early July 2022) he would've been burned at the stake. If the Scream Queens Brinke Stevens, Jewel Shepard and
Delia Sheppard had pink hair, were covered with tattoos and had piercings everywhere .... maybe ? But, naa.

IMDB says that Delia Sheppard is/was a Danish dancer, actress and a model both fashion and nude and this film isn't in her filmography.
She's my favourite (and i have to look up her other B movies from the 1980's and 1990's) and she provides this film with the "highpoint",
the amazing long strip number at the nightclub, wow, she makes an impact. I'm an old man but felt 30 years younger watching her do her
stuff. Maybe her ballet background made her doing it so smoothly and sensual. The number is Unsung by everyone but i praise it here.

Delia, you're the same age as me so if you read this - Please Marry Me and i will buy you a luxurious new Haircurler and a beautiful fake Fur.

Above: Delia Sheppard as Monica a street hooker and the bait for the killer

Note: I loved the intro and ending credit songs, the latter "Only Game in Town" sung by a Shauntese and with an amazing voice
and the soundtrack was written by composer Duane Sciacqua. I want this film on a Blu-ray .... Now!

The Story:

We're in 1989 LA and above mentioned singer Shauntese sings and there are girlie bars and cinemas and one cinema is showing the 1989
Méxican horror "Ladrones De Tumbas / Grave Robbers" with Fernando Almada and directed by Ruben Galindo Jr. (and recently released
in the US on a Blu-ray). There's a wave of killings of prostitutes and the film opens with a nasty such.
Jake (Alex Cord) is a crime cop who regularly hangs out in a Strip Club and being a nice cop with a good relation to the hookers he's the one
to investigate the murders. He does so with female colleague and girlfriend Murphy (Jillian Kesner).
A maniac killing hookers is on the loose and a mobster boss is shot in his Beverly Hills home, with tha main suspect being young mobster
Johnny Malone (Randall Brady) who fucked the boss girlfriend Marissa (Deanna Lund).

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen (i don't know if this is the correct ratio or not) and with an english audio DD 2.0, region 2 DVD
As extras only 2 trailers for other trash films i've never heard about but they actually looked somewhat intriguing and Prime Trash
1. "Blindfold" a 1994 erotic thriller with with Shannen Doherty and 2. "Silent Assassins" a C grade 1988 action with Linda Blair


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