Rogue Cop (1954)

Based on William P. McGiverns novel

Original film poster

Watching TV and zapping around the channels i finally landed at TCM where they were showing a great old Film Noir i
hadn't seen before. Rogue Cop is based on a novel written by one of the Pulp Fiction masters of crime writing -
William P. McGivern who wrote novels like i.a. Shield for Murder 1951, The Crooked Frame 1952, The Big Heat 1953, Rogue
Cop, 1954 and Odds Against Tomorrow in 1957.

Rogue Cop had great or good actors in all roles big or small. Robert Taylor, the old film superstar is very good as a cynical
and tired crime cop, corrupted to the bone and out to revenge the murder of his kid brother. As his brother's girlfriend we
have the fabulous Janet Leigh, just think about it .... what wondrous film classics she have been in.

The not so high in regard held crime cop Christopher Kelvaney (Robert Taylor) is on the payroll of the mafia and he obeys
all orders like a lapdog when boss Dan Beaumont (an almost lustfully disgusting George Raft) wants some errand done.
When Christopher's little brother Eddie (Steve Forrest) an incorruptible good guy is about to witness in a trial against
Beaumont and Chris can't talk Eddie into keeping his mouth shut, then Eddie is silenced, murdered by the mob.

Will Chris Kelvaney try to regain some of his lost honor and going on the offense, seeking revenge against the Bad Guys?
No, nope, that won't happen as such things never happens in a movie, never ever seen anything like that. OK, only kidding.
As Dan Beaumonts unhappy girlfriend we can see Ann Francis and as Eddie's fiancèe, the nightclub singer Karen the
smoking hot Janet Leigh, as always even though her sexiness in an intelligent and pensive performance.
A high quality Film Noir that should be available on a DVD or Blu-ray pronto, and maybe it is? I watched this on TV


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