The Ritual III (2015)

Russian DVD or DVD-R

Vaguely resembling the Jennifer Lopez movie "The Cell" from 2000 as a girl is trying to save her sister by travelling into her
subconscious to find the reson for her sickness. Otherwise this film is a horror with a fantasy fairytale quality to it, with two
young women, sisters Aiya (Polina Davidova) and Mirra (Liubov Ignatushko) living in a German looking village or town but
with the time and place being unknown.

I found the film to be a bit slow and with not too impressive acting or interesting story (the story and co-script written by a
Alexandra Khvaleeva, possibly the wife or GF of the director ?) but the good part was that the cinematography, the visuals,
by Igor Kiselev looked great. Ex-model Paulina Davidova according to IMDB has, besides this film her debut, only made one
other feature film, the 2020 "Ya ne splyu" (Sleepless Beauty) by the same director and then some TV series.

Aya and Mirra lives with their sick mother who's dying and the priest, Father Herman (Evgeny Gagarin) promises to look after
the girls. The village they live in is hit by a deadly infection and the hospitals are overcrowded, and when Mirra falls sick Aya
has to take care of her. The infected has to stay at home but Aiya takes Mirra with her to Father Herman's place where Mirra
is having recurring nightmares. Herman has got a book of Black Magic which enables Aiya to enter Mirra's subconscious

The DVD or DVD-R is presented in anamorphic widescreen with russian 2.0 audio and english subtitles, no extras, region all


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