Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (2009)

Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition

Text below written 2018-08-27

Entertaining outback psycho family meets tourists horror in a Iceland-UK-Finland production that was surrounded with
some buzz when released almost 10 years ago. OK, the outback or hillbilly family normally slaughtering people in the genre
here has been substituted with a psycho family living on an ex-whaler ship in the waters of Iceland.

A bunch of tourists, eager to see some whales, goes for a boat ride of whale watching. There are some japanese, a french
drunkard, some grumpy older ladies etc. aboard the Poseidon, with Gunnar Hansen as the Captain.
However, they spot no whales and the Captain asks an ex-whaler ship for directions to where the whales may be.
Ooops, wrong decision as a crazed family lives on the ship. A family of ex-whalers furious of the International whale hunting
moratorium and with a psychotic hatred against whale watching tourists. So, now they start killing off the tourists instead.

There are splatter and gore when Mother and her 2 nasty sons, Tryggvi (Helgi Björnsson) and Siggi (Stefan Jonsson) deal
with the unlucky tourists. Will any of the tourists survive? The black guy (Terence Anderson)? The japanese chick (Nae
Yuuki)? The Finnish girl (Pihla Viitala)?
I didn't get the ending though, what about the spastic acting whaler-brother? What about the lighthouse? Endo's deal?

Yes, an entertaining watch with some fine gore and also some comedy (the grumpy ladies, the japanese older guy doomed
to die very early according to the laws of the genre, as harpoon fodder (se DVD sleeve).
Advise: if you're swimming away from a whaler ship with a harpoon about to be shot at you - do use a backstroke and avoid
the harpoon when it's fired at you with some quick kicks.

DVD presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 and a DD 5.1 english audio with swedish subtitles
Extras: a commentary track, making of (15 minutes), trailer and a slideshow


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