Revenge (2017)

Swedish Njuta Films Blu-ray edition

Text written 2021-01-29

A classic and very simple story where a extremely maltreated woman stubbornly refuses to die and finally turns the tables on
her chauvinistic tormentors. A very intense Female revenge that you either enjoy or get mad at. Many at IMDB are furious due
to the plotholes and the improbable happenings, but other like it - "Gory and Beautiful" says one reviewer.
Yes, not just Matilda Lutz looks beautiful but also the whole film does with it's exquisite crisp cinematography. "Revenge" is stupid,
violent and great. Matilda Lutz was fine and totally believable as a luxury mistress in short skirts turning into a hardened avenger.

The simple story. A rich French or Canadian guy, Richard (Kevin Janssens) are going on his annual hunting trip with his rich
and sleazy friends Stan (Vincent Colombe) and Dimitri (Guillaume Boucheda), also French or Canadian. He (or his company) has
a luxurious mansion out in the desert (in the USA or in Marocco, the film is shot in Marocco).
Richard plans to bring his stunning mistress Jennifer (Lutz) who could be a model or a dancer perhaps for some lovemaking and
chilling before his friends arrive for the hunt. However, they arrive one day early and meet Jen, which wasn't meant.

When Richard goes on an errand Stan rapes her, and Dmitri pretends he don't know anything. Richard returns and Jen wants to
leave the place and asks him to call for the helicopter. Richard offers her money to forget about the rape, but she refuses.
Married and rich business man Richard don't want any scandal .... and just shoves her off a cliff. He's the worst monster of them
all. Jennifer has a huge fall and is impaled on a tree branch at the bottom of the ravine, and they leave her for dead.

Jennifer is a Survivor for sure

They go on their hunting trip as usual as if Jennifer was nothing, as if she was dirt, but Jennifer just refuses to die. She has a
terrible wound in her stomach and loses a lot of blood (yeah, yeah, too much, like 3 gallons of it, but who cares). When the trio
finally founds out that their dead girl has got away they decide to hunt her down with their hunting rifles and their vehicles.
An almost deadly wounded petite girl vs. three hunters with guns, a car, a dirtbike and a motorcycle, in the desert, who will win ?

Aaaaah, when the first Pig is taken down it feels so good - Go Girl Go! An even better feeling than when Charles Bronson got his
first robber in Michael Winner's 1974 classic revenge drama thriller "Death Wish". Warning for nastiness and gore.
This film is shot in the Maroccan desert but i'm not sure if it's supposed to take place in the US (Arizona perhaps) or in Maroc.
I don't know either what nationalities they are, are they french or canadian ? Is Jen american or ? She talks about a job in LA

The Swedish Njuta Films Bluray presents the film in widescreen 2.35:1 ratio with an english (and some french) audio with swedish
subtitles, trailer as extra and region B