Railroaded (1947)

US Kino Video DVD edition

A B Noir from one of the B masters of the genre, Anthony Mann. The actors may be somewhat colorless from time to time, but still a
very well made gangster action. One of the early film Noirs of Mann (even though 1945 The Great Flamarion was an earlier one).

When nasty gangster bitch Clara Calhoun (Jane Randolph, i.a. Cat People) let 2 gangster robbers enter a beauty salon through a
backdoor, one of them her boyfriend, Duke Martin (John Ireland, to the left on the DVD cover above) something goes very wrong
and somebody gets killed.

Blamed for the killing is Steven who's missing an alibi for the evening, and the cop Mickey (Hugh Beaumont) and Steve's Sister
Rose (Sheila Ryan) decides to find the killer themselves. What's especially great about this film, the scenes that sticks out, are a
surprisely intense Catfight and a, for it's time, a super cool looking Shoot-out, a scene i think both John Woo will like, and Sam
Peckinpah would have liked, a lot.

The film was presented in it's 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, black & white, english audio and bare bones edition without extras


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