Raghav 2.0 (2016)

India Reliance Entertainment Blu-ray edition

Raw, brutal and stylish, that's Anurag Kashyap's Mumbai slasher about serial killer Raman 2.0 smashing peoples
heads into pulp inspired by his hero, the true life serial killer Raman Raghav who terrorized Bombay in the 1960's.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the phenomenal outstanding actor, yet again plays a murderer (as in Badlapur from 2015)
but this time he's a Psychotic Monster and not much repentant and finally even likeable as in Badlapur.

This film is dark and nasty and maybe a bit too slick, well, i guess the old Anurag Kashyap IS NO MORE and
his indie filmmaking days are over. Well, by Bollywood standards this film may not be mainstream, but certainly
by western standards. Soon we will surely hear he's fraternizing with hipsters as Quentin Tarantino, yuck!
I much prefer his other crime movie Ugly, it was much better and with more substance to it, and the power of
his masterpieces Gulaal, Black Friday and Dev. D he will probably never again reach as a filmmaker.

This film is very gruesome and the story is about a mentally ill murderer's killing spree in Mumbai and a slime cop
murdering people to hide the tracks revealing his drug addiction. Vicky Kaushal is also good as the intensely un-
likeable police inspector, what a scum, the soul brother to the serial killer - Raghav.

In the films text intro we get to know that Raman Raghav committed 41 murders in the 1960's Bombay and that
this film is NOT about him. That's correct as this film is about the killer Raman/Sindhi Dalwai (Nawazuddin) and
this film takes place during his murder spree between 2013-2015. He starts off killing a drug dealer with a hammer
and later shifts to a car-jack when he kills his sister, her husband and her little kid. Happily he continues to murder
people and he appears to be some sort of an evil force of nature, no bad feelings, he just smilingly ends your life.

He has a true soulmate though, he thinks, in the police inspector Raghavan (Kaushal) who's also a killer and a drug
addict. Raghavan likes to party and take drugs with his party girl girlfriend Smrutika/Simmy (Sobhita Dhulipala)
and when he makes his first killing (probably the first, we really don't know that) to cover his tracks, and when he's
befriended by Raman, he's really on a downhill track into murder and madness.
The film is told in 8 chapters and Nawaz is hypnotic to watch. He's in his own league really

There are some annoying things i noticed with much frustration. Poor script work.



1. Raman has a huge (and i mean HUGE) scar over his face, has committed at least 12 murders but still can walk the
streets of Mumbai dragging an enormous car-jack on the ground without anyone taking notice ... i know Mumbai
is a huge megacity but surely the police would have gone out with a media description as a warning to the public ?

2. When the policemen are arresting him, then known to having committed at least 15 murders, Fifteen that is, they
are without weapons, unarmed and without handcuffs .... ? More like arresting a shop-lifter something - Ridiculous!

3. Raman can stalk and talk to Simmy without her or anyone else recognizing him ? She's the girlfriend of the investi-
gating police officer and he must be the most wanted man in India - and the most recognizeable one with that scar ?

4. When party girl Ankita sees insp. Raghavan kill someone and narrowly escapes to be murdered herself, what does
she do? Naturally, she sits at her home, watches the TV and quietly awaits the crazed policeman ? Wise move.
I didn't like the ending much as it was too nihilistic and evil to enjoy. Why did poor Ankita (Anuschka Sawhney)
have to die

Anamorphic widescreen, hindi DTS-HD Master Audio or DD with english subtitles.
Extras without subs 44 minutes (deleted scenes, Shooting/Finishing the film with Kashyap with film team in hindish,
a mix of hindi and english)


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