Rabid (1977)

Swedish Studio S Blu-ray edition

This Blu-ray is a Swedish 40th year anniversary edition and on the back of the case we can see some (probably fake) newspaper
clippings from the time claiming that people in the audiences were fainting in big numbers. Ambulances had to stand by taking
shocked people away bla bla bla .... Ha, ha, classical gimmick á la the 1950's-1960's shlock maestro William Castle to sell a turd.
OK, Rabid certainly isn't a turd but an entertaining trash horror and some scenes stand out still today, as the operation scene and
the lady in the subway train turning rabid. Scary and nasty and effective crowd pleasers.

I remember the writings in the press and everyone knew the mass-faintings was fake news, but all press is good press and we went
to see it. I was a teenager back then (yes, i'm old i know ...) and Rabid must've been a hit as all my friends watched it also.
So, i re-watched it now 40 years later and i feel the same about it as when i saw it the first time. Not very good with very bad acting
from all except pornstar Marilyn Chambers who was perfectly fine in the role, very beautiful and she wisely underplays her role and
carries the whole movie. It's strange that she wasn't offered more non-porno film roles.

The film has some classic shock scare scenes and offers an early zombie-like virus plague and has a gloomy apocalyptic ending.
But still, of the early Cronenberg films (not counting the boring Stereo and Crimes of the Future) and from the Golden Era of the
Canadian Master 1975 Shivers/Parasyte Murders -1986 The Fly, this is my least favourite film.

There's a motorbike accident in the vicinity of the Keloid Clinic, and the injured passenger, Rose (Marilyn Chambers) is taken to
the clinic to be operated on and the surgeon uses an experimental skin graft method on her. When she wakes up from her coma one
month later she has mysteriously, but quite normal according to the rules of psychotronic films, developed a bloodsucking spike
in her armpit. She can't eat normal food anymore but has to attack people sucking their blood.
Unfortunately her victims turn into rabid zombies and when she hikes to Montreal the plague is on and the apocalypse has started.

Blu-ray presented in 1.66:1 ratio and with a DTS-HD MA 2.0 or a DD 2.0 english audio with swedish subtitles.
Extras: A commentary audio track with David Cronenberg, trailer, TV spot, radio spots, Super 8 version of the film (17 minutes),
image gallery, Studio S trailers and a hardcore Marilyn Chambers trailer show


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