Queens of Evil (Il Delitto del Diavolo / La Régine / Les sorcieres du Bord du Lac, 1970)

US Mondo Macabro 2020 Blu-ray edition - REGION A

A Fairytale-like magic and a bit arty horror where the young male hippie David (Raymond Lovelock) is on a motorbike ride,
and at night changes the flat tyre of the Rolls Royce driving Devil (Gianni Santuccio) who sabotages David's motorcycle by
puncturing its tyre with a long nail. Satan critizes his long hair and progressive world views and drives on, just to crash his
car. David seeks to stop passing cars for help but no-one stops. These scenes were shot at night and felt quite unusual.

David finds a woodshed to sleep in. The next day he wakes up and finds himself to be next to a house in the forest, and he's
invited for breakfast by the three beautiful women who lives there in isolation, and they are:
the oldest sister Bibiana (Evelyn Stewart or Ida Giallo), Samantha (Silvia Monti) and Liv (Haydée Politoff).

David wants to leave but somehow don't seem to be able to, so he stays with the sisters and is treated with fine food and
also having sex with two of them. They also wear an array of smashing and expensive dresses and everything would be
totally fine if not things seem to disappear and the women also seem to appear and disappear on will. Something's fishy.

A gorgeous big Eurasian Eagle Owl (Berguv) can be seen sitting on a tree branch close to the house (maybe a watchbird).
The cinematography is fine and Ray Lovelock sings the theme song (it sounds awful) in this arty magical themed horror
with some heavy-handed politics thrown in at the end.
Theme: The Devil and his minions-Evil-Fascism vs. Youth and progressive views. Ray Lovelock is good in the role

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english or italian audio DTS-HD 2.0 with english subs.
Please note that this is a REGION A edition.
Extras: audio commentary by Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan, interview with Raymond Lovelock, trailer, alternate scenes


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