Primal Rage (Basic Terror / Rabia Salvaje, 1988)

Spanish Research Entertainment DVD edition

Trashy but funny B horror with bad acting, bad direction etc, you name it, the 1980's style rock group with female singer performs a real stinker.
The make-up effects of gooey sores spreading on the infected by the monkey virus were pretty good and made by Rambaldi Jr., Alex Rambaldi,
the son of Carlo and the brother of the director Vittorio. My guess is that their famous father Carlo Rambaldi made the monkey, the baboon effect
and not much else ? He seems to have used a live Baboon and a prosthetic one. The ST by Claudio Simonetti is late 1980's sucky, just as it should be
for a trashy delight as this film and giving it that, almost impossible to recreate today in neo-genre films, 1980's feeling.

Bo Svenson and Patrick Lowe

The film starts with a guy on a scooter driving around the Campus taking pictures of girls in leotards exercising to the sound of rotten 1980's disco
music. He's Sam Nash (Patrick Lowe, any relation to Rob Lowe?) and he's a photographer for the school paper, The Independent voice.

Dr. Etheridge (Bo Svenson, swedish-american actor, mostly in B movies and also in Swedish obscure and seemingly lost cult movie "Sverige åt
Svenskarna" the Per Oscarson forever lost (?) project. Here, he unconvincingly plays a scientist experimenting on animals, some ill-fated baboons,
injecting them with something that would heal damaged brain cells. But something goes wrong and the baboons get agitated and aggressive.
Duffy (Mitch Watson) is the editor of the Campus paper and he sneaks in into the secretive dr. Etheridge's lab to see what's going on, and he
manages to agitate the ape and to get bitten by the Baboon (in the scene probably a mix of a real one and the Carlo Rambaldi one).

Duddy's ape-scratch gets worse and soon he suffers from rage attacks, and he manages to infect his girlfriend Debbie (Sarah Buxton) too.


Duffy goes on a killing spree and soon the monkey virus is spread among the students. Is it Good ? NO. But it's mildly entertaining for sure
The short-lived monkey was the star of the film, the gooey make-up effects were pretty good and the guy who played Duffy was OK, and the rest
sucked. Patrick Lowe, Cheryl Arutt as his GF Lauren and Mr. Bo were atrocious.

This Spanish DVD is presented in a widescreen 1.85:1 ratio and with an english audio 2.0, region all, no extras


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