The Price of Fear (1956)

German 2017 Pidax DVD edition

Text below written 2018-03-09

A late fine B grade film noir with ex-Tarzan actor Lex Barker in a relaxed style of performance against 1930's star
Merle Oberon in one of her last roles. Barker plays race-track owner Dave Barrett who sees his business being
taken from him by the gangster Frankie (Warren Stevens).

Frankie murders Dave's ex-partner and puts the blame on Dave. At the same time elegant business-lady Jessica
Warren kills an old man in a hit and run traffic accident, and when she's about to call the police about the accident
Dave steals her car chased by Frankie's underlings.
Now, Dave is suspected of 2 crimes, the murder of his ex-business partner and of the hit and run killing, but as
these happened at the same time he couldn't possibly be guilty of both.

Dave is in a real jam but Lex Barker don't seem too worried as he just smiles all the time in a vary laid-back style
of acting. he's in love with Oberon's Jessica and i don't blame him as she's a beauty .... bad though. Femme Fatale.
Flat acting and a bit overstrung ending don't stop this film from being entertaining, a quite good B movie it is.

The film is presented in a fine picture quality Pidax edition in anamorphic widescreen 2:1, black & white and
with a 2.0 english audio and a booklket with pictures and text in german


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