The Power of Fear (Vedma, 2006)

Russian DVD or DVD-R

Yes, a surprisingly BAD re-make of the 1960's classic Viy, but it works as entertainment for the trashfilm lovers.
Somehow it felt like some obscure american 1980's C-movie horror .... and I do enjoy watching crap movies as
my life is too long anyway. I must fill my time with watching obscure B-movie horror from all over the world, and
when it's finally time to kick the bucket i can proudly say that I did get to see the crappy russian re-make of Viy.

For some unknown reason the filmmakers changed the location from Ukraine to the US, where Estonian carplate
can be seen on a car. The journalist Evan/Ivan Berkhoff (Valeriy Nikolaev) gets an assignment, to travel to the village
of Castleville where supposedly supernatural things are going on and to write a story of the phenomena.
His car breaks down and he seeks refuge in an old mansion where an old woman lets him in. He takes a bath and
a beautiful woman joins him in the tub, Merryl (Evgeniya Kryukova), but this sensual encounter turns sour when
the girl suddenly turns into the old woman. Ivan panics and strangles the woman and flees the house.

Evan encounters a dead priest and dresses in his clothes. He gets a car ride by the County Sheriff (Lembit Ulfsak)
Tomas, and is told that a village girl has been attacked and may die. Evan is mistaken for being the new priest of
the village, Father Touz. The girl, Merryl, has requested that Father Touz will hold three masses for her and he's
finally after some ongoings locked into the church with the witch ....

The DVD or DVD-R presents the film in anamorphic widescreen with russian audio 2.0 and english subtitles,
region all, no extras


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