Popcorn (1990)

US Synapse Blu-ray edition

I had a great time watching this forgotten horror-comedy. Forgotten? Yes, by me anyway as i hadn't heard much of it besides the title, and
probably by others too. Made in the ill-fated 1990's, a terrible decennium for horror movies so maybe people thought it suck and skipped
watching it ? And horror-comedies usually sucks too with a notable exception in Re-Animator and some films made in the recent years.

The Phantom of the Paradise-like ending of this film was great with the Atomic Fly (Phantom of the Paradise = Brian De Palma cult classic)
and the old films within the film were the best, directed by Alan Ormsby. Mosquito, Attack of the Amazing Electrified Man and The Stench
the titles and i loved it, very entertaining and they looked great and were even better than the actual film.

The film is about some film students who plans to re-open an old abandoned cinema and hold a Horrorthon, showing old 1950's-1960's B
horrormovies that had gimmicks in them, as odorama and buzzing effects for the audience. Like the films made by the legendary schlock
maestro William Castle as The Tingler from 1959 where some seats in the theater were wired to give mild shocks or House on Haunted Hill
from 1958 where a skeleton was drawn on a pulley over the audience heads, or 1961 Homicidal who had a fright break just before the end.

But, they find an old filmreel with a short film made by a crazed 1960's avantgarde film maker who murdered his whole family in front of an
audience, and now this maniac lurks around in their theatre and has more deadly plans for the use of the gimmicks.
To find a suitable old cinema theater the had to go to Kingston, Jamaica.

Presented in widescreen 1.78:1 and with a DTS-HD MA 7.1 surroundenglish audio or 2.0 stereo with english subtitles
Extras: an audio commentary with director Mark Herrier, Jill Schoelen, Mark Danare and FX man Matt Falls, Midnight Madness: The Making
of Popcorn documentary (57 minutes, 2017), Electric memories: interview with actor Bruce Glover (6 minutes, 2017) , trailer and TV spots

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