Police Story 2 (1988)

UK Hong Kong Legends DVD edition


YES AGAIN ! The Sequel to the great 1985 Police Story, another absolute Jackie Chan classic from his golden 1980's,
from the time when he and Sammo Hung (and Yuen Biao) made and acted in a series of action comedies with martial arts
and mindblowing stunts. Wheels on Meals, Project A, Winners and Sinners, Dragons Forever etc. etc. and Jackie's Police
Story series. After re-inventing the old time kung fu genre at the end of the 1970's by adding stunts and comedy, he made
a string of these action comedies with his "Brothers" Hung and Biao in the 1980's and in 1985 he started his "own" Police
Story series where he pushed the boundaries for action stunts to the limit and well into unknown territory.

Jackie plays wild Hong Kong cop Ka-Kui that goes after the bad guys in a way that often demolishes parts of HK.
He was already a big star by then in Hong Kong and many other parts of Asia, but this film made him a superstar.

In Police Story 2, a direct continuation of the first film, Ka Kui's bosses complains that he not just destroyed the shanty-
town on the hillside but also the shopping mall (in Police Story) and he's punished by being demoted to a position as a
traffic cop. But, naturally there's a But, a gang of bombers and extortionists start to set of explosions and killing people
if not payed by the city of Hong Kong, and ka Kui is soon called back to active duty as a crime cop.

Old HK DVD edition of Police Story 2

Cho Yuen returns as the evil crime boss Chu Tu with his hysterically giggling underling John Ko (Charlie Cho) and one
of Jackie's stuntmen, Benny "Ah-Pa" Lai plays the deaf and dumb kung fu kicking bombman. It's hard to be the girlfriend
of hero super cop Ka Kui, something poor May (Maggie Cheung) gets to know also in this sequel.

anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with cantonese audio 5.1 with english subs (or an english dub).
Extras: a nice audio commentary by Miles Wood and Jude Poyer, Out-take montage, trailer gallery, interview with
Jackie Chan: King of Action (30 minutes in english), interview with Benny Lai - master kicker (15 minutes in cantonese
with english subs)


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