Pin-Up Girl (The Yes Girls, 1971)

German Mr. Banker DVD edition - region 2

Lowbudget master C-movie director Lindsay "Zapper" Shonteff here present a sexploitation drama comedy where he satirizes the problems
of making lowbudget films, and i guess he should know. Shonteff's "The Big Zapper" defies words in describing it's trashiness, and i still
haven't seen his attempt of making a British Giallo the 1969 "Night after Night (He Kills Night after Night after Night / Night Slasher, 1969).

"Pin-Up Girl" maybe is more of a B movie than a C one, as it's almost funny at times and a plus is the amazing natural boobs of Sue Bond
(born 1945) and her likeable friendly but naive Maria in the film. Bond was a regular in the widely popular Benny Hill Show 1970-1973.

Maria (Bond) escapes from sort of institution, reform school or something) and is caught shoplifting new clothes, but no police is called
as the dirty old shopkeeper takes advantage of her assets. Homeless she's invited by two girls, Angela (Sally Muggeridge) and Caron
(Felicity Oliver) to share their apartment, and as they can't pay the rent they plan to let Maria pay it with the dirty old landlord taking
advantage of her assets. Maria visits a private detective to find her mother, how to pay?, by letting him take advantage of her assets ....

Sue Bond vs. Disgusting Sweaty Old Men

Angela and Caron are aspiring actresses and when auditioning Maria turns up and the sleazy filmproducer Jack (Ray Chiarella) instead
gives Maria the main role after admiring .... her assets (yup, the theme of the film, sleazy men admiring her assets). The other two get parts
too, and the director King (Jack May) dreams of making an art movie, but Jack reminds him -"Tits and asses, that's what we're making".
The filming of the ultra-low budget "Flesh in the Fields" and with only the three girls in it, is happening.
I guess King the director is Lindsay Shonteff satirizing his own, and other hopeful micro budget filmmakers, career in filmmaking.

the film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen (probably original) ratio with english audio DD 2.0, no extras, region 2
Note that english audio is not stated on the DVD cover, but it's there alright


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