Partners in Crime (2014)

Hong Kong Deltamac DVD

Text below written 2015-12-04

A Finely tuned, gripping and also somewhat suspenseful teenage Crime Drama from Taiwan that has some very
young and untrained actors in the main parts but still succeeds very well with drawing us into the story.
An Art movie perhaps or at least with some artmovie elements to it, as usual with Taiwanese films.
Three youngsters and schoolboys (in the 8th grade if in a swedish school, could be 14 year olds maybe?) who
don't know each other before meets accidently on the street just when a schoolgirl has jumped from a roof
and killed herself in a suicide (see the DVD cover picture above).

The Girl's name was Hsia Wei-Chiao and she was one year older than them. A beautiful girl from a rich family
who felt desperately alone and miserable, a loner in school without any friends and isolated in her shell.
One of the boys, Huang Li-Huai is also alone, sad and bullied in school and he's quite happy with the accident
as he now has got 2 new friends in the 2 other witnesses, Lin Yong-chun and Yeh.
The Trio has to visit the school welfare officer for therapy and then they start to discuss what the reasons for
her suicide could've been. The tragic event becomes an obsession for them, an adventure, a mystery.
They visit her funeral and B&E's her apartment (where she lived alone due to her parents being abroad) and
they hang around there and goes through her things. Is there someone who bullied beautiful Hsia? Could that
be the resaon for her suicide?
Huang spreads the rumour that one of the girls in Hsia's class, a Chu Chin-Yi is the culprit and the boys decide
that she has to be punished for her deeds. Which leads to catastrophe.

Food for thought abought how rumours and fantasies becomes Teenage Truth and leads to much suffering and
grief among school kids. If not growing up and coming to turns with life wasn't hard enough for a teenager.
Social networks with Facebook, Instagram or whatever has taken the part of the old school yard bullying.
anamorphic widescreen, DTS 5.1 or 5.1 with mandarin sound and with english subtitles, 2 trailers only extra.

Is Taiwanes mandarin extra beautiful to listen to? I Always found taiwanese films somewhat soothing listening
to, a soft sort of mandarin. Maybe it's because the more artmovie orientated films with it's often delicate pace
that does it? Please don't be offended dear chinese mainlanders, i'm absolutely ignorant about mandarin dialects

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