Panic (Bakterion, 1982)

US Code Red Blu-ray edition

Absolute Trash and Great Fun in a virus horror with Swedish trash movie goddess Janet Ågren top billed .... OK, that says we got a
B movie on our hands. Nothing derogatory towards her meant as i love her truly.
Lovely Janet plays a doctor in Bio Physics and, the bad news, she keeps her clothes on all through the film for some unknown reason
as there are plenty of unmotivated nudity in this film. Janet looks serious walking around in the lab with test-tubes in her hands playing
the role of Dr. Jane Blake. Janet Ågren - The Undisputed Swedish Queen of Italian 1970's - 1980's Trash Film, surely no other Swedish
actress had such a long career in Italy making B movies, and occasionally maybe a C one as with Panic. And My God she was Gorgeous.

There were contenders to the title of Swedish B movie queen of Italian genre films, as Ewa Aulin and Anita Strindberg, but they didn't
have such long career as Janet Ågren, and yes Anita Ekberg made a couple of fun horror films too.
Our undisputed queen of the Turkish Trash film of the 1960's and 1970's is the almost mythical Eva Bender (or Eva Abrahamsson, born
in 1944) who married a Turkish producer and became the star actress in films as the Tarkan adventures. I've seen interviews with her in
Turkish but not yet here in Sweden where she lives. I hope she still is among us, you never know in these evil Covid-19 times.
There are still a lot of Italian Janet Ågren movies never released on disc i guess, at least with english subs. Bring em on, please.

Janet Ågren in 1968 - Aphrodite on the Beach -The Goddess of Beauty

I watched Panic with the italian audio plus english subtitles option as i found it to sound better than english audio option.
In the intro a lurking camera sweeps through some back alley and a man narrates something in italian without any subtitles,
something about WW2 and british casualties and weapons. In the english audio version nothing is said at all ?

Soon the camera zooms in the facade of a building, it's a research facility and inside a lab is full of rats in cages. Here Chemi-cal
performs secret virus weapons experiments for the British government and Bio Physics doctor Jane Blake (Janet Ågren) is
overlooking the lab animals. Suddenly something goes wrong and the rats start to kill each other and the virus is somehow loose
and Dr. Jane hits the alarm button. We get to see how a man has green goo on him and he screams in agony, and that's Professor
Adams and he escapes the building and plans going on a murder spree, expressing his inner rage caught from the virus.

Janet Ågren 2007 - Still Beautiful

Chemi-cal, the boss (Franco Ressel), doctor Jane and another professor decides to keep silent about the escaped virus carried by
professor Adams, now turned into a mutant monster and busy with killing people. Police Captain Kirk (David Warbeck, probably
most known for his brutal death in The Beyond), investigates the missing of professor Adams and the brutal cases of murder that
keep popping up, where the victims have been ripped apart. As the couple having sex in a car .... never, ever have sex when being
in a horror movie, they never learn do they ? Don't take any shower either if you're a female, never trip and start crawling instead of
running when fleeing from an assailant and don't stand still and screaming when a slowmoving monster approaches you.

All this takes place in the village of Newton where the research lab is situated and soon the politicians in charge know about the
virus being on the loose and they have a drastic plan as the solution - to bomb the whole village to smithereens and to kill all the
residents. But maybe Captain Kirk with the help of Scotland Yard Sergeant O'Brien (José Lifante) can catch the monster and destroy
the virus in time to save the village of Newton ?
This film was strictly B but very entertaining in a trashy way, snappy and with a cool Cinema attack scene and a pretty good monster
make-up (seen clearly at the end). The lovely Janet Ågren is always welcome in any film.
The low budget is somewhat charming too, as the bomber pilots sitting in a closet or something (almost Ed Wood, Jr. style).

The film is supposedly taking place in England and there are some footage from London, probably stock footage, but maybe the
lurking in a back-alley scenes were shot in England as the houses look so British. The village shots are clearly filmed in Italy or Spain
as the cars are driving on the right side of the road and the greenery looks a bit mediterranean.

The US Bluray presents this film in a 1.85:1 widescreen ratio with either an english dub with no subs or an italian audio with english
subtitles (note that the narration in italian in the intro does not have any english subtitles).
The region ? The sleeve says region A but it is region ALL
(as i played it on a region B locked player)


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