The Other Hell (L'Altro Inferno 1980)

US Shriek Show DVD

Text below written in Swedish

Legendary Schlockmaster Bruno Mattei, here under the alias of Stefan Oblowsky, gives us a horror in the great
old Nunsploitation genre - one of the greatest film genres ever and a great invention and gift from the latin world.
That ever relevant questions that haunts the latin males in both the New and the Old worlds - What's Going on
in the Nunnery ?
(Yes, also the great Mexploitation film has dealt with this important business)

The Crazy nun Acunta kills and violates her nun sisters and apperas to be possessed by the devil. The Head nun
Vincenza, played by the great Franca Stoppi, for ever beloved for her performance as Iris, the Ultra Nasty house
keeper in Aristide Massaccesi's Absolute Masterwork of Horror - the delirious Buio Omega, calls for help.

Franca Stoppi R.I.P. 2011

The older priest, Father Renardo and the younger one, Father Valerio (played by Carlo De Mejo, the son of Alida
Valli ... Valli, remembered by me for her roles as Orson Welles girlfriend in The Third Man and as Ms. Tanner in
Dario Argento's masterpiece Suspiria ... OK, enough with the film geekery now) is called in to investigate the
possible demonry going on. There's nasty things going on down in the catacombs, Father Renardo burns to crisp,
someone has decorated the walls with dolls hanging from nooses and a masked psycho nun is lurking.
The soundtrack music is from Goblin and seems to've been borrowed from Joe D'Amato's Buio Omega.
anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, mono, 18 minute interview with Bruno Mattei and Carlo De Mejo

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