Operazione Paura (Kill, Baby ... Kill! / Operación Miedo, 1966)

Left: Spanish DVD edition; Right: The old US Anchor Bay 2007 Mario Bava Box Collection Vol. 1 DVD edition

The Girl

A visually delicious 1966 gothic horror from The Master of Horror. Low budget but with plenty of atmosphere and gorgeous colors, and with many
nice tracking camera shots and with some zooms. I first saw this film when it was released in 2007 (i think?) on a DVD released by US Anchor Bay as
a part of their Mario Bava Collection Volume 1 Box together with Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, The Girl Who Knew Too Much and Knives of the
Avenger. This Box was followed by a Mario Bava Collection 2 Box with 8 more films (see Giallo and Eurocrime Page 2, scroll down).

The story of the film felt a bit like a variation on the Wurdalak theme, but with an evil child instead of a vampire. When does it take place? Probably
sometime during the 19th century, and where? No idea, maybe somewhere on the German countryside or perhaps in eastern europe.
A Coroner, Dr. Paul Eswai (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) arrives to a small remote village to examine the mysterious death of a woman, Irina, who worked
as a maid at the Baroness Graps (Giovanna Galletti) mansion. And, GRS does his best impersonation of a piece of wood, he sucks as always.

Fabienne Dali

Dr. Eswai has been called for by police inspector Kruger (Piero Lulli) who suspects Foul Play. Irina, the maid, worked for the Baroness and had
written a letter to the Police before dying, falling from a height onto a sharp steel fence (as seen in the intro of the film).
The villagers are very superstitious and hostile and afraid of The Secret of Villa Graps. Dr. Eswai is about to perform an autopsy on the body of
Irina, and he's assisted by a Monica Schauftan (Erika Blanc), a woman who recently has returned to the village. Warned by the villagers they
find a coin embedded in the heart of the corpse. Black Magic is around and Fabienne Dali plays Ruth The Bruja.

The Spanish DVD-R is in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with an english audio DD 2.0 (or italian audio with spanish subs), region ALL, No extras.

(The old US Anchor Bay DVD also were in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with english or italian audio, an International trailer, TV spots and a Bio)


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