One Day (2016)

Hong Kong Kam & Ronson Entertainment 2017 DVD edition


This was the first subtitled thai film i've seen in years. I remember rthe good old times at the beginning of this century when
most thai films was DVD released in Thailand with english subs, and you had the chance to delve into the interesting film output
from this "new" film country (new as seen from a westerners point of view that is). Aaah, those were the days with films as
Tears of the Black Tiger, Nang Nak, Bangkok Loco, Bangkok Dangerous, Suriyothai, Iron Ladies, 999-9999, Monrak Transistor,
Last Life in the Universe, Nothing to Lose, Mekhong Full Moon Party, Bupah Rahtree, Alone, Ong-Bak, Body Jumper etc. etc.

But! Then western film companies noticed this and probably also that Thailand released a lot of violent horror films and like
vultures they attacked, bought all rights to foreign releases and forbid the Thai releases to have english subs. The End of fun.
Now we had to wait for years to be able to finally watch a thai release on disc, and then most often some bloody and gory
horror flick suitable for the young western crowds maybe. OK, i like horror but there are other interesting films too, like the
one's mentioned above. So, that's the reason i haven't updated my Thai film page for many years.

So, here the talented horror filmmaker Banjong Pisanthanakun gives us a romantic drama comedy, bitter-sweet and maybe a
bit syrupy as it's a mainstream film, but i liked it. It worked very well within the genre for me.

A 30 year old man, Denchai or Den (Chantawit Dhanasevi) is working with IT support at Thanon Food Company in Bangkok
and he's a lonely guy, something of a nerd and no-one notices him. The guy that just sinks into the background and most
people at the office don't know his name.
But there's a new girl at work, the 28 year old beauty Nui (Nittha Jirayungyurn) and she notices him. Den falls in love with her
but she's having an affair with her married slick looking boss Top (Thiraphat Sajakul).

Time for the annual Company trip and this time they go to Hokkaido, Japan for skiing. Also melodrama time when Nui has an
accident and loses her memory for .... yes .... One Day. Den sees his chance and takes it. He woes her, almost stalking her, well
he's a nerdy creep after all, and he tells her lies that he's her boyfriend. She's doubtful though.
Could there be some real love evolving at last between them, this one Day ? Do bears crap in the .... etc. etc.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a 5.1 DD thai audio with english subtitles, only a trailer as extra

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