Old Boy (2003)

Korean Starmax 2 disc edition DVD


Disc one and two in separate cool sleeves

Eeeh, i can't find much to say really about this film that someone else hasn't already said better. Sorry.
This film was to become Park Chan-wook's MASTERPIECE and one of the Highlights of Korean Cinema.
Who knew at that time in 2003-2004 that this was AS GOOD AS IT GETS, korean cinema never again reached
a highlight as this piece of inventive crime-drama. The Apex of the Korean New Wave of filmmaking.
Yes, Park Chan-wook never again reached this hights again either.
Sure, Lady Vengeance was Great and I'm a Cyborg was mildly enjoyable but Thirst started the decline, the slidin'.
Stoker, his 1st Hollywood film was AWFUL and i hated it intensely (but some do actually like it).
However his experimental iPhone film Night Fishing from 2011 was GREAT and i want to see the NEPAL and
Night Fishing Park style again. No asshole producers or Hollywood friends should be allowed to interrupt him
from creating his films indie style again. No more Stoker garbage please ....

Hong Kong Edko Films dvd edition with DTS sound and anamorphic wide

In March 2004 i didn't write a review of this film, instead i was rambling about the Swedish Film Reviewer Scandal
that met the director's impressive Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Hämnarens resa in swedish) on it's release here in
the cinemas. Then Park was totally unknown here in Sweden and the reviewers competed in slaughtering the film in
their reviews as yet another "tired" asian orgy of violence. They didn't get it .... and there was no Fame factor.
So, i ironically waited for another thumbs down reviews from the swedish film reviewer sheeps.
But as i knew this was not to happen as Park now was Famous even for these swedish cretins. Hailed in Cannes
and suddenly Park Chan-wook was a Great film maker and everyone sung his praise. Even the swedish asshole
film reviewers. Had Park been known among these cretins when Sympathy was shown, it would surely have gotten
Rave reviews. I hate this flock of stupid sheep

The Original Soundtrack CD (i also had this for sale when i had my shop)

This Nice looking korean 2 disc edition DVD specs are: anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, korean DTS, 5.1 or 2.0
Extras on disc 2 are 1. Music Channel - Soundtrack: Look who's talking - Jailhouse Rock - The Old Boy
Out of the past - Room at the top - Cries and whispers - Dressed to kill - The Searchers - The Last waltz -
For whom the bell tolls

2. Documentary - Making of Documentary Part 1 (8 min 40 sec) NO English subs
Promotion - Trailer, teaser trailer, TV spot, Music video

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