Okja (2017)

A Netflix film


The great director behind such gems as Memories of Murder, The Host and the Masterpiece - Mother. How did he manage the meeting with
Hollywood ? The Answer - very well and miraculously Bong seems to be quite unscathed after contact with the nasty western filmmaking virus.
Snowpiercer the dystopian sci fi thriller in 2013 and 2017 Netflix produced Okja, some sort of sci-fi fantasy drama thriller .... maybe. Hard to
define but it's easy to like and with really well made CGI, just look at that great hippopotamus looking pig.

Okja is one of the best Netflix produced films i've seen and kudos to them for permitting Bong Joon-ho making a film this unusual and quirky.
A hard to define genre film, sci-fi fantasy drama thriller action comedy fairytale ... something. A fairytale entertainment with a moral question
about how we humans treat our animal friends, the meat industry. That yummy sausage, what's the story behind it ?

The Super Pig Project

The Mirando Corporation and it's charismatic boss, played by the always great Tilda Swinton in a double part (she also plays her twin sister,
a Swinton specialty perhaps as she also can be seen in a double-part in the re-make of Suspiria) presents it's world-wide quest for The
Ultimate Super Pig, the food for the future. Super piglets has been spread around the world and 10 years later the greatest pig of them all can be
found in the Korean mountains - Okja, the Mountain Superpig. The girl Mija (An Seo-hyun) lives with her grandfather in the mountains and
Okja is her friend (see picture above).

Her grandfather is a certified farmer and as the sow Okja has been bred in The Super Pig Project the Mirando Company owns her.
Ex-TV star doctor Johnny (Jake Gyllenhaal), now owned by Mirando, turns up and invites them to New York and the Super Pig party, and Okja
is taken away from them. When Mija is going after them ALF suddenly turn up, The Animals Liberation Front, masked people who will help her
liberate Okja from the experiments performed in Mirando's NY lab and save her from slaughter.

Okja was great and unusual entertainment with very nice CGI and Tilda Swinton was hilarious as Mirando's hysterical boss Lucy (and her twin
sister Nancy). Presented in widescreen 2.39:1

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