Thai DVD edition in widescreen with Thai audio 5.1 and without any english subtitles.

(Original title: Neung buak neung pen soon) Danny Pang's solo (without Oxide) direction debut and the third and last part of the great
Bangkok Trilogy. I really liked this stylish and very entertaining crime saga, and Arissara Wongchalee as Go-Go were very beautiful.

Somchai (Pierre Png), stuck with huge gambling debts, goes up on a roof to commit suicide. But up there he meets a young and
gorgeous woman Go-Go/Fresh (Arissara Wongchalee) who's also is about to take her life by taking a roof-jump. They find out that they
really have nothing to lose, and together they embark on an odyssey with gaming, drugs, robberies and murder, with the Police on their
trail. Directed by the Hong Kong-Thai Danny Pang pre-The Eye fame 1+1 "Nothing to Lose" is a strong drama action and visual feast.
As good as Bangkok Dangerous, and I actually liked it even more (maybe Arissara had something to do with that).

Nothing to Lose 1+1 = Danny Pang's Best Movie

Back in 2001-2002 when i first watched this film one had to do with this Thai edition DVD as the only release available and it had NO
english subtitles. But the DVD cover was great looking. OK, i may be the only one who thinks this obscure movie actually is Danny
Pang's best film. When making: The Bangkok Trilogy (Bangkok Dangerous, both brothers, 2000), One Take Only (by Oxide Pang) 2001
and "Nothing to lose", Danny Pang 2001) and "The Eye" in 2002 Danny Pang was at the height of his career.
To be honest, after leaving Thailand and starting to make Popcorn movies in Hong Kong, his descent has been steeper and steeper.

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