Not A Love Story (2011)

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Text below written 2015-09-25

Ramu again, and this time with one of the most forgotten and underrated films of this century. With his best film

since Satya he was flushed down the toilet by the Backwards indian film public and the Assholes reviewers.
An Intense experimental Crime-Drama with fantastic actors and enourmous Raw Power and naturally Ramu
was ignored by the ignorant mass who prefer mainstream fodder. OK, this film is arthouse, but should have been
recognized and hailed by film critics, but .... indian film critics are indian film critics, cretins that is.
Unfortunately western audiences don't seem to know about this gem either.
Seems like RGV is back and with a roar - said Anurag Kashyap on the DVD cover, but NO One listened,
and then Anurag Kashyap should be someone you listen too, but Noooo, not the indian critics, no, no, no.

Wow! The Man is Back! Ram Gopal Varma delivers again - welcome back Master. There was no coincidence
in Ramu showing some form again with his political revenge epos Rakht Charitra because here he really explodes
with a reality based crime-drama that's intensely powerful and gritty and with 2 brilliant performances from the
Great Deepak Dobriyal and Mahie Gill. The latter finally in a big part where she unfold all her talent.
It sparkles with electricity and attraction between them in a way you seldom see on film. A rare thing.
Sure, here's Ramus nowadays Trademark - a thundering soundtrack with that staccato mens voices and per-
cussions and that's something not really needed to emphasize the story. Not with 2 as great actors as here.
The duo is finely tuned to each other, but that's the way Ramu tells his stories, so.
The Camera whirls, dives and crawls around them, always close and dissecting and Dobriyal and Gill excels.

The Amazing Mahie Gill

These 2 actors re-unite after playing in Anurag Kashyaps Modern Indian Film Masterpiece Gulaal (released in 2009)
and if you haven't seen Deepak Dobriyal act before and want to check out his other films, please watch him in Gulaal.
As a faithfull and worrying underling to the Rajasthan separatist and crime lord played by Kay Kay Menon he really
impresses, unforgettable, and also Gill in a smaller part is unforgettable.
Fantastic performances and a tight inspired direction from the newborn Ram Gopal Varma. "Seems like RGV is back
and with a Roar" says Anurag Kashyap on the DVD cover and the Maestro should know what he talks about.

What Happened in Flat 1501 ?

Anu, Anusha Chawla (Mahie Gill) has, after much of heated debating with her boyfriend Robin Fernandes (Deepak
Dobriyal), travelled to Mumbai to fulfill her dream of being an filmactress. She starts to socialize with other wannabee
actors in a hopeless hunt for roles and with endless auditions and false promises and .... has a meeting with a scumbag
casting-couch director. Her cynical friend (Prabhleen Sandhu) tells her that's the way it works, you have to sell your-
self to get something back. Her no-role situation drags out in time and her boyfriend calls her more frequently and
begs her to return home. Dobriyal in the role as Robin vibrates with tension and aggression and exudes socio-
patic vibes and gives you the feeling that this story will not end well. That guy you instinctively wants to avoid.

The Lovers in the courtroom scene

But then it happens, Anu get's a role through producer Ashish (a fine Ajay Gehi) and everybody enjoys, Anu, Robin
and her family. Then there's a lot of celebrating and drunk Ashish and Anu has sex at her place. Robin turns up at the
apartment after flying down (from Chandigarh?) and with flowers in his hand he sees an almost nude Ashish walk out
her bedroom. This is Not a Spoiler - look at the sleeve - a murder follows and the question, can they hide the crime?

The film is based on a real court case according to the sleeve so the question above's answered. So, the story hasn't
any suspense regarding the who-dun-it but is more of a crimedrama-documentary about the things that led to the
crime and about their relation afterwards. Varma skillfully depicts the horrific scenes in the apartment, the disgusting
sounds and the nasty plastic bags with a claustrophobic feeling of dread.

Zakir Hussain (the multi-talented musician, actor etc.that seems to be in most Bollywood made) plays the crime insp.
Mane in his usual effective way and the indian police uses their usual torture-beatings when interrogating suspects and
if not that - if you believe Bollywood - they're fully occupied taking bribes.
This films ends with a strong - for a romantic like me that is - L'Amour Fou scene.
Together with Shor in the City the best film of the year 2011, Well Done Mr. Varma.
anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 or 2.0 hindi with english subtitles, no logo in picture, no dance numbers but some song
with subs and as extra: Deleted scenes 37 minutes

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