Noragami - The Complete First Season (2014)

From Left to right: Yukine, Yato and Hiyori

US Funimation Blu-ray and combo DVD edition (4 disc)

The 12 episodes from season 1 on either 2 Blu-ray discs or on 2 DVD's

Text below written 2018-05-28


Ha, ha! Great anime series based on a manga and very entertaining all through and many of the fans says that Season 2 is
even better. This US edition REGION A has an english dub in 5.1 audio and the original japanese audio in stereo Dolby True HD
with english subs. 12 episodes and with Blu-ray Extras: episode 6 and 9 commentary and episode 4 video commentary by US
director and US voice actors, US trailers, trailers and textless opening and closing song. Presented in anamorphic widescreen

Among Japan's many Shintoism gods there are those with magnificent shrines, many are worshipped still today and then there are
the forgotten and minor ones - as Yato, once a war God but now absolutely obscure and forgotten and without any shrine.
When schoolgirl Hiyori resques a bewildered young man searching for his cat from being hit by traffic, and gets hit by a bus herself
and is taken to a hospital, visiting Yato explains that he's a God. She answers: Yato? I've Never Heard of that God.

Yukine and Yato

Once a powerful war god Yato today are totally forgotten, without worshippers, without a shrine and money. He's the God of Nothing
and uses his powers in his telephone service, to fulfill peoples wishes for a 5 yen coin, as cleaning someones bathroom etc.
But Yato's optimistic and has big plans for being a popular God with a lot of worshippers.

But first, he needs a new Regalia, a weapon made from a human lost spirit, and young Yukine is his new spirit weapon. And, Hiyori
becomes a member of the trio. Hiyori, after the bus accident, travels between the world of gods and spirits and her human existance.
Suffering from narcolepsy she, when asleep, leave her body as a spirit with a tail and assists Yato-Yukine in his fights with the
Phantoms and with his encounters with friendly or hostile gods.

Chapter 1: A housecat, a stray god and a tail
Chapter 2: Snow-like
Chapter 3: Bidden calamity
Chapter 4: Where happiness lies
Chapter 5: Borderline
Chapter 6: Scary person
Chapter 7: Uncertainty and destiny
Chapter 8: Over the line
Chapter 9: Will Yato die from blight?
Chapter 10: Regarded with hate
Chapter 11: Abandoned God
Chapter 12: A scrap of a memory


Original comic - Adachitoka (Kodansha)
Director of art: Kasuo Nagai, Color design: Hiroko Umezaki, Director of photography: Mayuko Furumoto,Music: Taku Iwasaki,
Animation production: BONES, Direction of animation: Toshihoro Kawamoto, Hideki Yamasaki, Direction: Kotaro Tamura