Night School (Terror Eyes / Psicosis 2, 1980-1981)

Spanish DVD edition

A low-budget slasher with most of the gory killings happening out of camera, to save money i suppose, but with two good things about it:
1. The killer looks creepy all dressed in black and with a MC helmet (as the perp in Strip Nude for Your killer) and carries a nasty murder weapon, a huge
curved knife, and 2. Rachel Ward. If this film had been made in Italy it would've been called a Giallo.


Rachel Ward .... sigh .... This is her first feature film role and she followed this one with 2 really good one's, the 1981 crime action Sharkey's Machine
directed by Burt Reynolds and with Rachel as an insanely attractive prostitute and Henry Silva The Great as a gangster, and in 1982 she made The Steve
Martin classic "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid". She was at the top, and then i don't know what the hell happened ?
I always thought she was from down under for some reason, but she's not, she's British.

In this film, i don't know really. I don't know if she's good or bad, my judgement is clouded by her presence. She acts in an odd way, slightly off kilter,
a very beautiful woman .... but a bit weird. An interesting performance, the gorgeous weird girl, there's something enigmatic and a maybe even scary vibe
about her, and that quality she gave also as the prostitute in Sharkey's Machine (or maybe, only i felt that?).
Or, and this is clearly an answer to the above musings of mine, maybe i'm just hypnotized by her beauty and read in too much from her performance?

There are a series of brutal killings with a mysterious MC driver in a black helmet equipped with a huge curved knife as the culprit, and the killings seems
to be connected to a Boston Female College Night School. Police Lieutenant Judd (Leonard Mann ) and his buddy Sergeant Taj (Joseph Siccari) investi-
gates the murders and the bodies continues piling up. Some of the victims studied at the night school in the evenings for a Professor Vince Millet (Drew
Snyder) a sleazy guy having sex affairs with many of his students. Rachel Ward plays a Down Under exchange student, Eleanor Adjai.

Lots of killings and a pretty OK slasher, better than it's reputation and obviously it won some sort of prize at Avoriaz in 1981 .... and with Rachel Ward ....

The film on this Spanish DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 and with an english audio with english subtitles, as extra a theatrical trailer


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