Night of the Bloody Apes
(La Horripilante bestia humana / Horror y Sexo / Gomar, the Human Gorilla, 1968)

Muñecos Infernales (The Curse of the Doll People / Devil Doll Men, 1960)

US BCI Deimos 2 disc DVD edition

Disc 1 Side A - The Night of the Bloody Apes (1968) Direction and co-script: René Cardona (co-scripted with René Cardona, Jr.)

The US version with alternate scenes from the Méxican export version contains nudity and gore with scenes of open-heart surgery
(from Jerald Intrator). Very gory of almost Herschell Gordon Lewis level 4:3 fullscreen Color english dubbed audio
Extra a stills gallery and gore outtakes. Trashy, violent and sleazy this version became a Cult movie in the USA

Disc 1 Side B - La Horripante Bestia Humana - The Méxican original version of "The Night of the Bloody Apes" spanish audio
mono with english subtitles. This film could be seen as Rene Cardona Sr's remake of his 1962 Las Luchadoras vs. Médico Asesino
(Doctor of Doom, read about this further down on my Méxican Film page) but this time with only one wrestling woman and not
with two (as Lorena Velazquez and Elizabeth Campbell in "Doctor of Doom" the 1st film in Las Luchadoras series).

Doctor of Doom (Las Luchadoras vs. Médico Asesino) 1962 Direction: René Cardona

Lucy Ossorio (played by Norma Lazareno, and seen nude in the above US version) is a female wrestler with a cop as boyfriend.
The Surgeon Doctor Krauman (José Moreno) works at a hospital where his son is treated for leukemia and about to die. But the
doctor steals a gorilla from the Zoo and transplants the monkeys heart into his son, who then turns into a human apemonster
who goes on a murder rampage. Could Lucy and her cop boyfrend stop it ?

Disc 2 Side B - Muñecos Infernales (Infernal Dolls) 1960, black & white Director: Benito Alazraki

A fine and very well made black magic horror from the Méxican Golden era of film and with some awesome murder dolls.
The doctor and expert in occultism Karina (Elvira Quintana) and her boyfriend doctor Valdéz (Ramón Gay) are told by their friends
that they, on a trip to Haiti, not just witnessed some forbidden voodoo rituals but also that they did steal one of the objects of the
ritual and that they were cursed by the evil voodoo priest, Zandor (Quentin Bulnes).
Soon, the tourist thieves start to die by demonic living dolls and nasty zombie controlled by Zandor. The dolls played by dwarfs
or children wearing some really cool masks. 4:3 fullscreen spanish mono audio with english subtitles

Disc 2 Side A - The Curse of the Doll People is the US version with english mono audio. Stills gallery as extra and a textsheet with
information written by David E. Wilt


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