Night Angel (Die Hure des Satans, 1989)

German Park Circus - MGM 2021 Blu-ray edition - region B with reversible sleeve

A late 1980's sexy horror that objectively wasn't that great but i found it to be much entertaining in a B-ish way, the right way.
And .... the German actress Isa Jank, mostly working in TV, was HOT and perfect for the role as Isadora, the Sex Demon Lilith
re-incarnated. Also there are some nice special effects by Steve Johnson (as Susie Sparks boobs in the dream sequence i.a.).
But, only a 4.4 rating on the IMDB, what's wrong with people ? A trashy but very entertaining erotic horror from the good old
1980's what more can you ask for ? And, "Screamin" Jay Hawkins belts out "Sirens Burnin'" during the end credits too.

In the intro Lilith, the temptress demon crawls out of her grave all yucky and slimy. Then we're moved to the Fashion Magazine
"Siren" where we get to know annoying guys, and awful actors, Craig (Linden Ashby), Rod (Gary Hudson) and comic relief
Ken (Doug Jones). The owner of the magazine and his whole family have been killed by Lilith/Isadora (Isa Jank) and now
Rita (the great Karen Black) is the new owner of "Siren".
The Magazine has a Release party and a mysterious woman, Isadora/Lilith, turns up and fascinates everyone, especially the
men but also the women. She has sex with Rod and kills him and she also seduces Rita and makes her her slave, and Lilith's
wish is about to come true - to be the cover model of "Siren" magazine.

Isa Jank certainly look the part and she's beautiful in a Magica De Hex way, a scary but hot way and The Great Karen Black is
great as always (in a minor role) and looks great too. But Craig, Rod, Ken and Kirsty (Debra Feuer plaing Rita's daughter) all
sucked Elephant di--. There's a cool hallucinatory surreal nightclub dream scene where Lilith has sex with Craig and shoots
snakes at him and where porn actress Susie Sparks briefly can be seen as a giant boobed monster lady in a cool FX effect.

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 ratio and with english audio DTS-HD MA 2.0, region B, Original trailer and a Slideshow


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