US Barrel DVD

Text below written in Swedish:

4:3 original fullscreen ratio, mono audioand lots of extras in a beautiful DVD release from one of those
Great small DVD companies that once existed and who provided us with releases like this.
Film enthusiasts, fans of the genre and today most of them has disappeared, they are no more, they
have ceased to exist (to paraphrase the famous Monty Python gag Norwegian Blue)

This film was made to provoke and disgust and had, if i remember correctly, an effective soundtrack.
I liked it a lot and had it on a US VHS around 1990 or so, but with time it has been forgotten and when
i re-watched it on this DVD many years later i wasn't that impressed anymore, it felt childish and perhaps
it's best suited for young lovers of sick psychotronic films as it was a bit too immature for my taste.

What Jörg Buttgereit does today i have no idea of, but the one from this film who made himself a BIG
career (some of you know what i mean) were Daktari Lorenz who became a skilful photographer and
who created his own Sex Empire with a love for extremely voluptuous ladies as Milena Velba or
Nadine Jansen

Daktari Lorenz - Big Boobs man, The Russ Meyer of Germany ?

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