The Name of the Game is Kill (Psycho's Sister / The Female Trap / Lovers in Limbo / Das Rasthaus der Teuflichen
Schwestern / Ihr Spiel heist töten, 1968)

German DVD 2 disc numbered 0004/1000 edition

Super obscure and delightfully strange drama-thriller bordering to horror. A troubled indie arthouse production where everyone seems to have
hated each other during the filming according to the screenplay writer Gary Crutcher as heard on the commentary track.
Swedish American actor and director Gunnar Hellström may have been an unlikeable guy but he nonetheless gave this film some interesting
arthouse flavour, he had some style, or tried to have one. The setting is interesting too, the abandoned copper mining town Jerome in Arizona
makes for an unusual background to the drama, and the genius Hungarian cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, later to work for a master as
Robert Altman, contributed too in making this film an enjoyable viewing.

The small booklet with text in german

A man, drifter Sym Lipa (Jack Lord) is walking along a desert road when a beautiful woman in a jeep (Susan Strasberg) offers him a ride.
He's from Hungary and she's from a nearby desert town where she and her family runs a filling station. She's Mickey Terry and she has got a
mother (T. C. Jones) and 2 sisters, Diz (Collin Wilcox) and Nan (Trisha Sterling). There's no hotel anywhere close-by and she offers him a
room for the night. Her mother looks like a big bear and her younger sister Nan fondles Reginald, her pet Tarantula.
He's attacked by a rattlesnake and when he tries to leave he's run down by a car, and someone in the strange family may be a killer.

Mickey is beautiful and he wants her bad, and Nan is hot too and likes to go-go dance to her new record - The Electric Prunes "Shadows",
but something's wrong with the girl. Electric Prunes a great 1960's US garage rock group most known for their "I Had too Much to Dream
Last Night", a psychedelic rock classic.

This German DVD edition has an unusual Meny, 2 discs, a DVD and a DVD-ROM with High Def picture (? ...). It's numbered 0004 / 1000 and
presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with an english audio DD 1.0.
Extras: an audio commentary by Daniel Griffith and scriptwriter Gary Crutcher, a Making Of Documentary "Psycho's Sister" (43 minutes in
english, with i.a. Tim Lucas, Gary Crutcher, Joe Dante, Vilmos Zsigmond), Bildergalerie (8 minutes) and a english and german trailer


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