Nailgun Massacre (1985)

UK 88 Films Blu-ray edition

Reversible sleeve

Text below written 2017-05-23

Yes, another cool 88 Films edition and i like this UK DVD/Blu-ray company very much. Nice editions of genre films
to nice prices, and with some fine extras too. Nailgun Massacre belongs to the trashier section of the Slasher genre
and obviously has got some cult status in the UK due to it's old Video Nastie infamy, well "infamy" here means a
recommendation to horror lovers then naturally. It's a zero budget and pretty late slasher made at the end of the genre
era when the quality of these films was sinking. But, it has a home-made charm to it and it's so bad it's good, the victims
of the revenge murderer can be seen breathing and/or moving, and the nails were obviously glued on and can be seen
wobbling .... but, with some co-operation from the viewer the gore is OK .... and the nudity too.

In the intro a woman is attacked by a bunch of men on a construction site and supposedly she's raped, even though she
wears her jeans on when the assailant is humping her. Anyway, she's assaulted, and when one of the men is murdered
by someone dressed in a camouflage suit using a nailgun we have no clue to who the killer can be. No clue at all.
Clearly it's a woman in the suit and actress Michelle Meyer admits in the extras that it was she who wore the suit.

At first only the construction workers from the intro scene are murdered, but soon the killing spree spread to every
type of random victim. Someof the killings are hilarious (laugh with the fans in the commentary) as when the biker Ben
gets his hand nailed to a tree .... and dies, or when another guy gets his elbow nailed .... and dies, ha, ha, ha.
The killer wears a MC helmet and cracks awful one-liners, so this film is not made to be taken too seriously. Fun trash.

This film can be seen in 1. a widescreen 1.78:1 version, or a 2. fullscreen 4:3 version, audio DTS-HD mono.
Extras: 2 audio commentaries - one with Texas Frightmare Weekend creator and big fan of the film Lloyd Cryer plus
his wife (rumour says Lloyd Cryer is producing the re-make starting filming this summer 2017), and one with some
british (?) guys from The Hysteria Continues (big fans of the film),
Alamo Drafthouse screening with actors Michelle Meyer (who plays the rape victim Linda in the film) and Rocky
Patterson who plays The Doc (7 minutes, 2015), interview with director, writer Terry Lofton (16 minutes, 2015),
interview with the electronic soundtrack man Whitey Thomas (12 minutes, 2015), Locations then and now with
Terry Lofton (Terry Lofton R.I.P.) and a Q & A with Joe Bob Briggs and Terry Lofton from 2006 (17 minutes)


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