Mother's Day (1980)

UK 88 Films Blu-ray

A somewhat trashy lowbudget slasher that was made in the genre Golden year of 1980 and became a super Hit.
Troma made it and one of the Kaufman's directed and co-wrote it but it looks surprisingly good and the crazed
family in the woods is just great. Under aliases Mother really was played by Beatrice Pons, Ike by Frederick Coffin
and Addley by Michael McCleary. The film could be a satirical horror-comedy about the perfect all american family.

3 women who went to Wolfbreath College in 1970 are about to have a great reunion a decade later. They're Abbey
(Nancy Hendrickson), Jackie (Deborah Luce) and Trina (Tina Pierce) and they chose to have a hiking trip in the
Deep Barons Wilderness in the autumn .... the trees leaves has begun to turn yellow and water was freezing cold for
the nude bath scene. The visit to the food store was re-made in a homage by Mother's Day fan No. 1 Eli Roth in his
(best?) film Cabin Fever. What they don't know is that Mother and her sons live close by and soon the girls are ab-
ducted by the cretinous boys for some torture and rape. Everything to please Mother.

Female revenge á la I Spit on Your Grave when table is turned and the girls go for Ike, Addley and Mother.
There are some OK effects as the wound in Abbie's hand, the stuntman fall down the hill, the axe in the crotch scene
and Beatrice Pons (a Shakespearian actor says Charles Kaufman in the commentary track) is creepy as the evil but
smiling mother, and the probably much too obscure actors playing the boys are great. Nancy Hendrickson as Abby
is fine too. Great Fun Slasher and it felt a bit cartoonish and colorful just like a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie.

Widescreen 1.85:1, english audio DTS-HD MA 2.0 with Extras: Commentary track with director Charles Kaufman
and someone named .... Rex Piano, Fun intros from Charles Kaufman and Rex Piano, behind the scenes Super 8
footage, Eli Roth on Mother's Day (13 minutes), Charles Kaufman and Darren Bousman talk Mother's Day (made in
2010, 8 minutes), Theatrical trailer, TV spot and a trailer for Graduation Day

Aaaah, it was nice to hear Charles Kaufman in the audio commentary and how he was genuinely surprised, happy and
maybe even proud about his film, how well it actually worked as an early slasher movie. Just love that


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