Most Beautiful Island (2017)

UK Bulldog Film Distribution 2018 Blu-ray edition


This films story seems to be simple and plays out for just 80 minutes, a social drama turning thriller or even horror. But the film just oozes of talent
and this new exciting director (and actress, producer and writer) will be a delight to follow in the future - Ana Asensio. Shot on 16 mm film.

Ana Asensio plays Luciana, a latin immigrant struggling to survive in New York. Without money she needs for her rent she's desperate and when
she meets a casual friend, another hopeful immigrant in NY, the russian ex-model Olga (Natasha Romanova), she's told of a quick way earning
money. Luciana will earn 2000 USD just to show up at some cocktail party and be a beautiful girl hanging around the invited guests.
But, can she trust Olga. getting 2000 USD for doing nothing?

The answer is NO, not a surprise, and the obviously street-wise Luciana, hardened by living and getting by in an urban jungle as NY, warily
approaches the "party ". Luciana isn't really very likeable as she cheats people, ripping a dress in a shop so she can buy it for next to nothing
but she's desperate for money and her role figure Luciana feels very much alive.
She's tall and leggy and maybe like Olga an ex-model too, but this we never get to know. Not from where she comes either, but she speaks in spanish
when she talks to her mother over the phone, so from some latin country for sure.

OK, the Blu-ray sleeve says it's a thriller and i already have mentioned a game, so ... the mysterious party will not be some cocktail party. Something
nasty is awaiting Luciana, and i've already mentioned arachnophobia so that's a spoiler. Will Luciana get her 2000 dollars finally ?

Presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 and with a 5.1 english DTS-HD Master Audio.
Extras: Interviews with Ana Asensio (13 minutes), with Larry Fessenden (producer and actor, 8 minutes), actress Natalia Romanova (11 minutes)
and with Noah Greenberg (7 minutes, actor, producer and photographer)


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