Mortuary (1983)

Spanish DVD

A so-so slasher, not very good and a bit boring, but with gore and nudity to create some interest.
Christie (Mary McDonough) lives in a coastal villa with her mother (Lynda Day George) and her father has been killed by some assailant with a
baseball bat. Her boyfriend is Greg (David Wallace) and his best friend Josh has been killed by someone dressed as the Grim Reaper, in a long
black cloak. Christie's mother's friend, or boyfriend, is the towns mortician, Mr. Andrews (Christopher George), and his son Paul (Bill Paxton),
a schoolmate of Christie and Greg, assists him at the mortuary with the embalming of the corpses, whenever he's free from school.

Paul at work

Greg finds out that Christies mother takes part in secret meetings with what looks like black magic rituals, and led by Mr. Andrews. Meanwhile,
with Greg wondering about his friend Josh whereabouts, Christie is chased by a black-clad killer armed with a nasty sharp embalming tool.
Who could the killer be ? Hmmm ? (Sorry to spoil this not so great "mystery" for you).
The actors were dull with the possible exception of Bill Paxton

This Spanish DVD is presented in anamorphic wide 1.78:1 ratio and with english audio 2.0, a theatrical trailer as extra


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