Monstrum (Mulgoe, 2018)

US-Mexico RLJE Films DVD edition

A pretty fun set in historical times Creature Action Horror with a beast made in CGI looking like a mix of a
Bison ox and a Pitbull. Very bloody and with a fine soundtrack, as usual, by composer Mowg (Lee Sung-hyun).
I think this may be only my third creature horror from South Korea that i've seen, the earlier being the giant
Squid in 2006 "The Host" and the giant Razorback in 2009 "Chaw".

This film is taking place in the Joseon Dynasti in the year 1506 and the new King is Jung Jong (Park Hee-soon)
and he's considered weak and met by opposition from the Prime minister. The citizens are distressed due to
the plague sweeping over their city and due to the attacks from some mythical monster ripping people apart.

The King wants to send a search force to explore the area of the Mount Inwangsan and to finally find out if
there really is a creature praying on humans hiding there. A new massacre of villagers has occurred, supposedly
by the monster, and the unrest among the people have reached dangerous levels and could facilitate a coup.

The hunter and ex-general Jun Kyum (Kim Myung-min) is chosen to lead the force and the investigation, and
with him his daughter Myung (Lee Hye-ri) and his brother Sung-han (Kim In-kwon).
But the soldiers belong mainly to the private guard of the Prime minister and they may not be trusted in as
the Prime minister wants the King to fail with the mission.

Is there a monster at all ? Yes, as everyone can see on the DVD cover there is, and it's bloodthirsty.

DVD presented in widescreen 1.78:1 with korean audio 5.1 or 2.0 with english subtitles, region 1 or region all


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