Monsters (2010)

Thai DVD edition


This exceptional film was made on a very low budget, almost on a no-budget and with a very small crew and what it is,
is an indie artmovie, an existential roadmovie, a tender love story and an apocalyptic sci-fi movie, all in one.
It's not a horror movie or an action film and the amazing special effects in this film were made by Edwards on his PC
(and he tell us about it in the extras of this bluray disc). All the signs in the movie warning about the infected zone, the
helicopters, the planes, the magic mushrooms and .... the fabulous crab-octopus looking creatures.

Monsters are one of my 3-4 favourite films the latest 20 years or so. It has got some hypnotic qualities to it, it's pensive
and filled with tenderness, towards the struggling couple and all the Central-American people they meet during their
strange odyssey. It's filled with wonder over our, and the alien creatures, existence here on Earth, of being alive, and
it's hauntingly beautiful. There were only 2 actors in this film and all the rest are regular people (from Mexico, Guatemala,
Costa Rica and Belize) the filmteam met during the 6 weeks of filming playing themselves. And they're just GREAT

This was the young brit Gareth Edwards first feature film. A known visual effects wizard that had worked for TV and who
also had made an acclaimed sci-fi short film, but Edwards always saw himself as a director and WHAT a film debut this is.
Against a Sci-Fi background, a situation where a US space probe with alien life forms has crashed in Mexico and a Zona
Infectada has been created all the way up to the US border, he tell us about a Journey.
2 US citizens, the daughter of a newpaper owner and a photographer, are trying to return home through a Central America
turned into a war zone, with constant (US?) bombings of the Zona Infectada, also with biological weapons. They have to
travel through the infected zone and this film is mainly about THE JOURNEY, and not about the monsters.
About their growing relation and the people they meet. The locations, with the exception of a Maya temple, are not at all
glamorous but genuine and the more interesting because of that. The mexican locals they meet are depicted with empathy

The Thai DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen and with english audio 5.1 surround, region all.
Extras: Trailer, Making of, deleted scenes and extended scenes