Mom (2017)


India Reliance DVD edition - Region all

Strong female rape revenge drama thriller taking place in Delhi, possibly the rape centre of India (if you would believe the news one hear here in
the distant Scandinavia?). Well, it seems to be a problem and in this film the beloved Sridevi, the great actress, goes Charles Bronson on a couple
of rapists and murder creeps. Sridevi is such a powerful actress and it's a tregedy that she went away to soon, drowning in her bath.
A mysterious death and maybe induced by fatigue, medicines, alcohol or .... murder.

When writing this at the end of September 2020 Bollywood is shaken by the huge drug scandal and the also mysterious death of young Sushant
Singh Rajput, explained as a suicide but possibly a murder related to the drugs flooding the Mumbai film industry. I'm sure Bollywood will have to
clean up it's act and the indian people has turned it's wrath on to the lifestyle of the privileged stars. Drugs, casting couch and sexual harassment
of women and possibly even murders haunts Bollywood, and that sounds like the ingredients of a Bollywood film. Reality surpasses fiction.

Sridevi plays Devki Sabarwal, a highschool teacher, stepmother to the 18 year old daughter Arya (Sajal Ali) and with her husband Anand (pakistani
actor Adnan Siddiqui) travelling a lot abroad. Devki is worried about her beautiful teenage stepdaughter and the problems she may encounter as a
young woman, and Arya has been harassed by a boy, Mohit, in her class.
When Arya goes to a big Valentine Day party with her friend Priya, she refuses to dance with Mohit and also snubs Mohit's much older and creepy
friend Bunty when he tries to charm her. The guys are furious, tries to drug her and then along with some more criminals abducts her in a van where
they horrifyingly beats her up and gang-rapes her for finally dumping her in a sewer-filled ditch.

That was intense and very nasty to watch and Arya miraculously survives. The question you put to yourself : Where's Charles Bronson when you
need him ? OK, but Charlie is dead, so what to do? Middle-aged Mrs. Sabarwal has to deal with it herself.

SPOILERS BELOW ................. WARNING! SPOILERS BELOW .............................


The Amazing Actor duo: Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sridevi - 2 Titans of Bollywood film

Devki goes to the police for help looking after her missing daughter, but she's met with lukewarm interest. A missing teenage kid, huh, "she will show
up, relax lady" and in Bollywood films the indian police usually are depicted as unefficient and corrupted or even violent (as they seems to enjoy
beating up people with their long sticks a lot). But, an odd-looking man (Nawaz in a bald makeup) offers her his help and he's DK or Dayashankar
Kapoor PD (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and Nawaz almost steals the limelight away from Sridevi with his great performance. I love this fantastic actor.
DK is a bit quirky though and he annoys her somewhat so his help will have to wait for a while.

Arya is found finally and wakes up from her coma and gives the police her statement. The police arrests the perps but are aquitted in Court, where the
blame is put on Arya, the victim, as she was drunk during the Valentine party. Time for Revenge.
Devki hires the help of the quirky Private detective DK and soon the rapist murder pigs starts to die, and painfully so, castrated etc.
The crime cop investigating the mysterious deaths are played by Akshaye Khanna, another actor i have always liked.

This Indian DVD was hard to get hold of as it was sold out in India, Sridevi was an Icon of Film in India, and i was glad to find it in England.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with a hindi 5.1 audio and with english subtitles. Bare bones edition and No Extras


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