Miss Leslie's Dolls (1973)

UK Network 2018 Blu-ray edition

A really, really obscure and forgotten Grindhouse exploitation horror with an Ed Woodian chase and a very strange ending scene.
Yes, and the transgender theme makes you think of some lost Ed Wood, Jr. horror film .... or the 1960 Psycho or, better reflecting
the trash quality of this film, William Castle's 1961 Homicidal.

Miss Leslie's Dolls is pure trash and if not Z grade a C grade film, due to some qualities, as the genuinely creepy and oppressive
atmosphere of insanity, the surreal happenings, the quite good or ... memorably unusual performance of the mysterious Salvador
Ugarte in the main role as Miss Leslie Lamont. There seem to be NO information at all about this actor and no one know for sure
who the director was either. The red-haired Alma in the movie (Terry Juston) was luscious and with a beautiful body

A car with 4 people in it, the teacher Alma Frost (Terry Juston) and the students Lily, Martha and Roy (Charles W. Pitt) breaks
down in a rural cemetary somewhere outside of Boston. It's a dark and windy night (what else) and they seek night shelter at a
nearby farmhouse, Miss Leslie's house. A tall middle-aged man-looking woman with a dubbed female voice that's ranting about
her dolls and new age-ish sounding things. She behaves very strange and believes student Martha to be a re-incarnation of someone
who worked in her mother's doll factory. In the cellar she has life sized "dolls" of women who look very much to be human, especially
when they're seen moving.

It could be an adult version of an Scooby Doo episode, visiting a haunted house, but the gang without the dog and with Alma as Velma
Dinkley looking great dressed in her orange sweater, and yes, after 41 minutes 41 seconds she finally takes it off, praise the Lord.
Yes, i'm a pervert i know, but Velma from Scooby Doo always wears orange and is a popular cosplay (and sub-genre erotica) character.

Miss Leslie moves and talks in slow-motion, digs up female bodies from the graveyard and turns them into dolls, knows how to wield
an axe and talks to her mother's skull buried in the basement.
The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english audio mono with english subtitles
Extras a picture gallery and a booklet with text by Laura Mayne


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