Penny Edwards

Text written 2016-06-22

Another fine forgotten Film Noir of the B-kind that i watched in streaming video on Youtube, and in great
quality too. Youtube is a goldmine for film noir lovers and you can watch these gems for days.
Most of the films are in the public domain and can be watched legally.
New forgotten Noir turns up every day it seems but rarely a really good one, some masterpiece. But still,
there are decent forgotten ones that's enjoyable to watch. Just as this one - Missing Women.

Made by the Powerty Row studio Republic and only 60 minutes long there's certainly no longueurs in this
one. Claudia Rankin (Penny Edwards) is on her honeymoon and has only been married for a couple of
hours when 2 criminals, Eddie (John Alvin) and the nasty swede Hans Söderling (James Millican) attacks
them, kills her poor husband, tries to rape her and steals their car.

The Police has got no clues about the car-napping gang and Claudia goes sleuthing herself. She wants a
revenge for her husbands death and the brunette turns into a blond cookie and makes connections in the
criminal world. She goes missing from the normal society but she's on a mission.
There's a decent car chase scene and with lots of bystanders watching the happening from the curb, just
as in a Bollywood film where crowds sometimes are watching the action scenes, and are kept in the film.

Will Jill or Claudia manage to infiltrate the gang and yet again meet the abominable Hans Soderling ?

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