Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Season One, 2015) Vol. 1-4

US Shout! Factory DVD Season 1 Vol. 1

Episodes 1-7

Cute Marinette with her miraculous lucky charm


Season 1 Vol. 2 Spot's On! Episodes 8-13

Season 1 Vol. 3 Be Miraculous Episodes 14-20

OK, i normally hate everything animated and shown for western kids on something like the Disney channel (in Sweden
Miraculous Ladybug is shown on the Disney Channel). The hysterically shrieking "cute" animals, penguins, fishes or what-
fucking-ever computer made animation that fucks up the children of the western world today. And, when they have grown
into teenagers, then shitty agent TV series en masse awaits them with CIA or FBI Deep State bastards as the heroes.
Thoroughly brainwashed they then start to read the western mainstream media propagating for regime change and eternal
war only in the interest of the weapons industry and the evil bankers. Corrupted politicians enriches themselves. It stinks.

BUT .... my dark view of this rotten world is forgotten when watching THIS animated TV series - Miraculous Ladybug
and Chat Noir. Then i'm sitting there with a BIG smile on my face and totally in love with the lovely Ladybug and her
sidekick and their adventures in Paris. This series rocks and just about everyone watching it adores it, enchanted.
It's super cute, super charming, and with lovely Paris settings as a background to the adventures.
A cute teenage girl superhero and a ditto goodlooking guy one for a youthful audience, maybe mainly young teenage girls
and kids, but also for adults ... well, if you're childish anyway, which i am ... unfortunately maybe, but who cares.

The first DVD has got 7 episodes from the Season 1 of the series, with it's 26 episodes, and we're thrown directly into the
happenings without any background explanation (that comes later in episode 25-26 of Season One, the prequel).
This France-South Korea and Japan co-produced animated TV series is clearly very inspired by Japanese manga and
anime, and the magic girl transformation genre as in i.a. Cutie Honey (made in a great film version in 2004 with Eriko Sato)
and in many other more famous manga series (i'm no manga or anime expert and haven't read and/or seen that many.


Eriko Sato as Superhero Cutie Honey
Transforming when she touched her necklace and saying "Honey Flash". Cutie Honey, a forgotten but super fun film.
Marinette though says "Tikky, Spots on" and transforms into Ladybug


Season 1 Vol. 4 It's Ladybug Episodes 21-26

Please Note: The order of the episodes differ from country to country, these DVD's follow the US televisation


Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a 15-16 years old high school kid, has got a lucky charm, Tikky, a miraculous little creature,
that turns her into the Superhero Ladybug, and her crimefighting sidekick Chat Noir also has got his ditto Miraculous.

Lovely blue-haired Marinette, with a french father and a chinese mother, wants to be a fashion designer and attends
school with her best friend Alya and her huge love interest, the rich kid and teenage model Adrien. Secretely Marinette
fights crime and mysteriously but constantly appearing super-criminals as Ladybug the Superhero, and this she does with
the help of her equally secretive sidekick Chat Noir - The Black Cat.
Marinette/Ladybug is in love with Adrien and Chat Noir is in love with Ladybug, but what she doesn't know is that the
Cat really is Adrien and he doesn't know that Ladybug really is Marinette. Light, fun crime action and things happening
at school, and romance .... OK, this series may mainly be for young teenage girls, but i love it anyway, it's great.


The main villain in this series is Papillon - the Hawk Moth, a man with some serious anger problems and with the goal
of stealing the Miraculous thingies/charms of Ladybug and Chat Noir. To make this happen he again and again and ...
sends out Akumas, small butterflies that turn people into super villains. He apparently sees everything that happens,
but not ... for some unknown reason, when Marinette or Adrien transforms into their superhero selves.

Naturally this great series must be watched with the beautiful french original audio - and the theme song is infectious
listening to. Great stuff and the best non-anime animated film i've seen for decades even though computer animated

DVD Season 1 Vol. 1 - Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir

Episode 1: The Bubbler - Nino, a classmate is transformed into a villain trapping adults in big soap bubbles
Episode 2: Mr. Pigeon - A lonely man feeding the pigeons of Paris is evilized into the Pigeon Terrorist
Episode 3: Stormy Weather - a disgruntled reality TV contestant wreacs havoc with the weather
Episode 4: Timebreaker - Alix, another classmate terrorizes with the altering of time
Episode 5: Copycat - a sculptor in love with Ladybug is jealous of Chat Noir
Episode 6: The Pharaoh - a mummy turns to life and wants to sacrifice Alya
Episode 7: Lady Wifi - classmate and best friend of Marinette, Alya turns into a supervillain using wifi

Extras: Sing along theme (english karaoke), interviews with creators, selected scene animation

DVD Season 1 Vol. 2 - Spots on!

Episode 8: The Evil Illustrator - Nathaniel, another classmate of Marinette, draws traps and he's in love with her
Episode 9: RogerCop - cool episode with a classmate's father turning into a type of evil Robocop
Episode 10: Dark Cupid - Valentine's day goes wrong for yet another classmate Kim who turns into dark Cupid
Episode 11: Horrificator - the class makes a horror movie and lead actress turns into a slime monster
Episode 12: Dark Blade - the school's fencing teacher wants to be Mayor and turns into The Chevalier Noir
Episode 13: The Mime - a classmate's father is a mime artist who loses his job and turns into a bad guy

Extras: Animatics for selected scenes

DVD Season 1 Vol. 3 - Be Miraculous

Episode 14: Origins part 1 - with background to how the youngsters got their powers
Episode 15: Origins part 2
Episode 16: Animan - a Zoo employee gets mad and turns into the fiend, Animan
Episode 17: Simon Says - a TV show contestant fails badly and turns into an evil hypnotist
Episode 18: Pixelator - a Paparazzi photographer takes peoples photos and traps them in a void. Great episode
Episode 19: Guitar Villain - Rock star Jagged Stone turns into a villain when dissed by a young pop star. Nice
Episode 20: Kung Food - the chinese uncle of Marinette is a famous chef and takes part in a cooking contest in
Paris, when evil Chloe destroys his soup and Papillon turns him into the evil chef Kung Food

Extras: Laura Marano theme song music video (english theme song version), Behind the scenes of Music video
and Animatics for selected scenes

DVD Season 1 Vol. 4 - It's Ladybug

Episode 21: Princess Fragrance - classmate Rose turns evil when Chloe harasses her, and Marinette loses Tikki
Episode 22: Gamer - Marinette beats classmate Max in a computer game and he turns bad
Episode 23: Reflekta - Classmate Juleka just can' be properly photographed, and turns ... etc. etc.
Episode 24: The Puppeteer - a spoiled child turns villain when she can't get Marinette's doll
Episode 25: Antibug - Chloe's snubbed friend Sabrina turns villain and turns Chloe into another one
Episode 26: Volpina - a famous teenage idol Lila turns into a super villain, and Adrien's father owns a mysterious
old book about the secrets of Superheroes as Ladybug and Chat Noir

Extras: Animatics for selected scenes

The films are presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with french or english audio 5.1 with english subtitles