The Million Eyes of Su-Muru (1967)

Spanish alt-market Blu-ray edition (2017 Mon Inter Comerz)


Entertaining glorious Trash that probably will damage your brain and yet another entry to the 1960's Eurospy genre.
A Secret Agent action spoof directed by no-one other than the British Maestro of Trash - The King of Ineptitude -
Lindsay "The Big Zapper" Shonteff, maybe the Ed Wood, Jr. of Great Britain.

But "The Million Eyes of Su-muru" is very nicely shot in bright fine Technicolor and do look very good. It is also shot
at the Shaw Brothers Studio in Hong Kong, a guarantee for sets to look great. Further more there are some luscious
women in it, as Maria Rohm, and Klaus Kinski guests as the decadent president Bung. So, probably this must be
director Lindsay Shonteff's best looking movie. But surely he's best known for the trashy mess, the demented -

1973 Sexploitation Comics Action Comedy "The Big Zapper" - The Sex Life of a Female Private Eye" with Linda
Marlowe as a super tough private detective.

Shonteff (1935-2006) maybe wasn't a brit as IMDB says he was born in Canada, but he made his films in England

In 1969 he made the very obscure british giallo or even pre-slasher "Night after Night (He Kills Night after Night
after Night / Night Slasher).
About a knife wielding killer on the loose in London on the hunt after young swinging 60's women in miniskirts.
Surely, as it's British, a heavy-handedly done copy of the Italian thrillers, but still enjoyable to watch i've read
somewhere. I haven't seen it. Linda Marlowe can be seen in it as the police wife.

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru

In the intro to the film we see how a woman blows up a chinese funeral procession and the killer is a member of an
all female crime syndicate who kill men for fun and also kill women who tries to leave the organisation.
The boss is Mylady Sumuru (Shirley Eaton) and her head quarter is in a temple on the island of Sumuru situated
near Hong Kong. She tells her female disciples and killers that love is to be despiced and that their organisation
have infiltrated the most rich and powerful men in the world.

Agent Nick West (a sleepwalking George Nader) is put on the case and goes to Hong Kong with his comic relief
assistant Tommy Carter (popsinger Frankie Avalon). But as soon as this lousy agent arrives to Hong Kong he's
kidnapped by Milady at the airport and taken to her island and her Spectre-like den.
Mylady wants to have a world without men, but she wants to have sex with Nick first.
A chase scene through the old Hong Kong with Maria Rohm (her first film ?) was nice

Film in english audio DD 2.0 and in widescreen 2.35:1, no extras, probably region all - and maybe this is some
sort of alternative market release and not a proper bluray disc but BD ROM, i don't know


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