Mermaid (Mei ren yu,2016)

Hong Kong Edko Films edition DVD

Jelly Lin as Shan - the unresistable mermaid

Text below written 2016-07-20

Stephen Chow is Back with a Chinese Super Blockbuster romance-fantasy-comedy, and it's absolutely charming,
sweet and fun. Chow, once known as the funniest man from China ... well, Hong Kong to be precise, strikes again
as a director and this cute film will surely make some waves just not in China but all over the world.
Fun for the whole family, sure, but with some Chow-esque slapstick, an environmental message and cute Jelly Lin
it sure works for me. Not as wild and over the top vulgar as the 1990's funny Chow, but still a Chow in good form
even though he stayed behind the camera this time. Sure, the CGI could've been a bit better, but Mermaid was funny
so why complain, and i'm sure there were some mandarin puns being lost for a westerner too.

Shan on her way home to her Mermaid people dwelling in an old shipwreck in the Green Gulf

Jelly Lin as Mermaid Shan in her cave

The Billionaire, property developer and socialite Liu Xuan (Deng Chao) has bought The Green Gulf area to
exploit and make even more money. There has been some protected dolphines living there but by using deadly
sonars they've been scared away. Evil but HOT Li Ruo Lan (Zhang Yu Qi) protects some other parts secret
interests in the Green Bay and tries to seduce the partying playboy millionaire.
She's so hot and busty she can't believe her eyes when she's getting some hard competition from a young
girl that acts weird and looks weird when she's hopping strangely when walking.

The Girl is Shan (Jelly Lin) and she's hopping when walking because she has got a fish tail in her shoes.
She belongs to the Mermaid people living in the Green Bay and they're dying because of the death sonars put
there by Liu Xuan's company. Now, their only hope is to send their most beutiful mermaid, Shan, to seduce
the billionaire and to lure him to their cave where they will kill him. Shan's deadly sugar trap seduction - or?

Liu reporting the mermaids assault at the police station ..... the funniest scene in the film

Well, will Shan succeed in seducing the playboy environmental bad guy, and will the mermaid people kill him?
Yes, yes and No, no, this is a romantic comedy after all, and there's a happy ending too luckily.
The Police station scene made me shriek with laughter ... just like the old Stephen Chow films, there was
always a scene, a gag, that made you laugh hysterically. After escaping from the Mermaids cove and the murder
assault Liu goes to the police and makes a report about the deadly mermaids .... ha, ha, ha!

Anamorphic widescreen, mandarin audio 5.1 or cantonese audio DTS-ES 5.1 or DD 5.1 with english subs -
it's made in China and with mandarin speaking actors so mandarin audio should be right (?), trailers and gallery

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