Masterblaster (1988)

German Cargo Records DVD edition - region 2


I love the 1980's and what's the greatest thing about the 1980's ? Is it the post-punk bands, the colorful fashion, the girls big hair, the synth
music, the doped up athletes, the last days of the Cold War, the emerging of The Pixies, the VHS banned films hysteria ... or is it the US
Slasher genre ? Just like with the Gialli genre of the (mostly) 1970's i would like to see every 1980's Slasher ever made.
There's something about them and the altered laws of physics in them, as a slowmoving freak killer always being able to round up fast
running athlete teenagers, and the genre had its own rules about The Final Girl and to always turn your back to a knocked-out psycho killer.
Later films like Scary Movie made fun of the genre but already in the 80's there were slashers that made fun of themselves, as "Cutting Class".

"Masterblaster, that's the name of the game"

This is a Survival Paintball game slasher taking place somewhere in the US southern woods where ex-Vietnam soldier Jeremy or Hank (Jeff
Moldovan) is our main protagonist. He rides his bike down to take part in the "The Master Blaster Grand National" with a 50 000 USD prize
to the winner, and the contestants have all won their regional games to qualify. There are Jeremy, Police woman Samantha with an underbite
(Donna Rosae), MA fighter D'Angelo (Joe Hess), the Judge Mike (Robert Goodman), a couple of rednecks and there's Lewis the pop singer
(Peter Lundblad, who also sings two songs on the soundtrack - is it the Swedish "Ta mig till havet" Peter Lundblad ? No probably not).

As soon as the contest starts a psycho killer starts picking off the contestants, and there's a pretty good fight between Jeff Moldovan's
Jeremy and Joe Hess D'Angelo. Both were martial arts experts i suppose.
The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen with an english audio DD 2.0, extras a German trailer and Deleted scenes 7 minutes


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