The Manitou (1978)

Spanish 2021 Bluray edition


Strange and absolutely ridiculous horror that somehow works quite nicely, maybe due to the 1970's nostalgia ?
But the story goes like this:

Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) is a San Francisco woman that, since three days, has a small lump growing on her back,
and she worries about if it could be a malignant tumour. Luckily it is Not, but it could be some sort of foetus growing.
She's about to be operated on but the surgeon about to perform the operation and to cut into the lump, instead cuts
himself and they have to abort the surgery.

Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis) is a fake psychic ripping off old and rich San Francisco ladies, and he's also a friend and/or
boyfriend of Karen. With the help of a the real psychic tarot reader Amelia (Stella Stevens) and indian medicine man John
Singing Rock (Michael Ansara) they try to defeat the evil wizard sorcerer Misquamacus. To stop him from being born
out of Karen's steadily growing lump on her back. Yes, it sounds insane and God bless the 1970's.

The scene with Mrs. Herz crashing down the stairs i found to be disturbing and the only somewhat scary scene in the film.
Susan Strasberg can be seen topless briefly. Film presented in widescreen 2.35:1 with english audio 2.0 and with english
subtitles, region all, no extras


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