Maniac (1980)

US Blue Underground DVD edition, Region all


US Blue Underground DVD

Joe Spinell is very good in a very well made and very nasty Psycho Horror Slasher. A slasher genre low budget classic shot on 16 mm.
The film looks great though and You will never forget the sensational and unique performance of Joe Spinell as serial killer Frank Zito
a man-child traumatized by childhood experiences.
The special effects by Tom Savini are just fantastic and gruesome and Savini's gory effects in films like Maniac, The Burning and the
Prowler will probably never be bettered as filmmakers of today most often use the cheeper and crappier CGI for these effects, Sad.

Frank Zito is a fat and sweaty slob who murders people in NY, and he scalps the women and pins the scalps to his fashion dummies
and enjoys them in his scruffy small apartment. He hallucinates and cries in his loneliness and it's depressing and claustrophobic.
That this creep Frank Zito would go out with a gorgeous fashion photographer (played by British goddess Caroline Monroe) seems
to stretch the credibility a bit though. He actually looks like a serial killer out looking for his next victim and he would probably get
his own seat in the New York subway.

This Blue Underground DVD release presents the film in:

anamorphic widescreen, DTS 6.1 ES, 5.1, 2.0, audio commentary with William Lustig, Tom Savini et al., dokumentary about Joe Spinell (49 min), trailers,
radio interview with Caroline Munro and Joe Spinell, biographies, pictures, trailers and TV spots and excerpts of what the critics thought about the film
at the time and they slaughtered it as the most disgusting film ever.

A Re-make arrived in 2012 directed by Frank Khalfoun and with Elijah Frodo Wood as The Maniac and against all odds it was actually very good (i've
since heard that Elijah Wood loves horror films and he was creepy and scary also in "Sin City".
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