Malabimba (Malabimba: Posesión de una adolescente / Malabimba: The Malicious Whore, 1979)

Spanish DVD edition

Andrea Bianchi delivers a Sleazy Sex Horror gem with decidedly more sleaze than horror, and this sexploitation film actually manages to be
SEXY due to copious amounts of sex from three attractive actresses ... but also with some added un-sexy hardcore inserts too.
I may be a pervert as i liked it (but, too late doing anything about that now) and Malabimba are one of a quartet of his films that i actually liked,
and the other three being the 1981 Etruscan zombie classic "Le Notti del terrore (Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror/Zombie Horror)", the 1975
giallo "Strip Nude for Your Killer" and his 1972 co-directed "What the Peeper Saw (Night Child)" with Britt Ekland.

Andrea was a B director of Euro Trash movies, or as The Horror Encyclopedia says it - "A Minor Director of Sexploitation and Suspense Movies".
Well, he surely had a diverse filmography and like so many of his great colleagues from the Golden era of Eurotrash filmmaking he tried his
talent in many different genres, Eurocrime, Euro Action, Zombie horror, Sleaze Sex and Gialli and that's commendable.

The 1979 Sleaze Masterpiece

Regarding the Bianchi's it took me until 2020-07-28 to finally grasp that the Bianchi's were namesakes only and not related.
Andrea (1925-2013) and Mario (born 1939 and still alive when writing this), had the same family name and made the same type
of Euro Trash Cinema (with the difference that Mario made a lot of porno movies .... and often with swedish actress Marina
Hedman in them) so i guess others have made the same mistake as i did. OK, they may not have been brothers but they were
surely The Kings of Euro Trash film, The Namesake Brothers.
Eeeh, sorry, Andrea actually made some adult films too, i see now in the latter stages of his directing career, and with Marina
Hedman in some too. So, it's perfectly understandable that one mistakes them being brothers or related in some other way.



Malabimba - The Story:

The Karoli Family lives in an old castle on top of a mountain with a sensational view over the mountains around them. The matriarch of the
family is old Lady Karoli (Pupita Lea) and the other are the son Andrea (Enzo Fisichella), his handicapped and wheel-chair bound brother
Adolfo (Giuseppe Marrocco) with beautiful and horny wife Nais (Patrizia Webley or Patrizia de Rossi), some cousin ... or so, Giorgio (Gian
Carlo Del Duca) and Andreas's 16 year old daughter Bimba (Katell Laennec) plus the Nun Nurse Sofia (Maria Angela Giordano).

The family is broke and Andrea wants his mother to sell the castle, but she refuses as the Karoli's has lived there for 15 generations.
BUT, the family has a bigger problem than that, as during a seance the demon of their old evil cousin Lucrezia threatens them and rips off
their clothes. I don't know about being evil, more like the Lucrezia demon is HORNY and she possesses the innocent Bimba.


The Beautiful Patrizia de Rossi/Patrizia Webley playing the role of Nais, she doesn't need any sex demon as she's perfectly horny as she is.
Her husband can't provide her with the sex so she almost attacks the other males and has sex with this guy Giorgio and with Andrea, and
lots of it and luckily she's Nude most of the time. OMG ! What a body she had this woman, this LUSH BLONDE with sensational boobs.
I must look up every other sleaze movie she has made (she's born in 1950 and she's married in real life to the man playing Andrea).

Bimba peeps on Nais having sex with the men, masturbates a lot and finally succeeds in seducing/raping her Nun nurse Sister Sofia (played
by Cult horror actress Mariangela Giordano). This film is the 85 minutes version with inserted Hardcore scenes, and the fucking and sucking
are most probably not acted out by the actual actors of the film but by some anonymous porn people.

To be honest this film was almost not a Horror film but more of a sleazy Sex movie, with some horror atmosphere added.
Lots and lots of sex and as both young Katell Laennec and Patrizia Webley-De Rossi were attractive to me this film was a turn on for me.
These lucky guys having that woman Nais around, i'm so jealous, as

- I Like Birds .... and I Like Boobs.

MariAngela Giordano - The unsung Queen of the Euro Sleaze Film, and she obviously looks her all best dressed in nun clothing, and mediterranean
fans of the Nunsploitation genre knows this. Nunsploitation, mostly a catholic thing as we don't have that many nuns up here in Scandinavia.
Born in 1937 and a beauty queen in 1954 she was an actress star already in the 1950's in italian Sword and Sandal films. This goddess of an actress
played Countess von Fledermaus and and had a nude scene looking good in Jess Franco's "Killer Barbys" in 1996, almost 60 years old.
She also got her breast ripped off by Peter Bark The Zombie in Andrea Bianchi's 1981 Etruscan zombie film "Le notti del terrore" and also got a place
in the Hall of Shame of Film History with her infamous iron bar/skewer scene in the 1980 "Patrick vive ancora (Patrick is still alive)". She's Legend.

The Spanish DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen, with an italian audio DD 2.0 with only spanish subs and NO ENGLISH SUBS
But you don't need any subs for this film as the main thing are nudity, masturbation and sex (and some hardcore sex too). No extras, region free


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