Madigan (1968)

Spanish DVD edition

Text below written 2019-05-19

Don Siegel is one of my favourite crime-noir directors who started already during the glory days of american Film Noir, and who later made
absolute crime classics as the 1964 The Killers with Lee Marvin, John Cassavetes and later president Ronald Reagan in his last and best role,
the 1971 epic Police Story - Dirty Harry, and the 1973 slightly obscure but super-great Charley Varrick with Walter Matthau.
Yes, nothing but a master of crime movies, the Great Don Siegel .... and he was married to our actress beaty Viveca Lindfors also for some years.

In this buddy-cop movie, the 1968 Madigan, he's not that exciting though, as in the films mentioned above. Madigan is an OK effort and with
fine acting from Richard Widmark and the rest, but the film never fires up, make you interested, until the somewhat explosive end.
Henry Fonda is very low-key and don't look that inspired for his role. But this film clearly was Siegel's precursor and sketch to his masterpiece
of the genre - Dirty Harry, even though this film takes place in New York and not in San Francisco.
I had never heard about this film beforee seing it in a Spanish store in 2019, and maybe there's a reason for it's fall into obscurity.

The story is very simple: Police detectives Danny Madigan (Richard Widmark) and Rocco Bonato (Harry Guardino) are hunting killer Barney
Benesch and their boss, Police Commissioner Anthony Russell (Henry Fonda) is giving these 2 loose-cannon cops only 72 hours to bring the
desperado Barney in. There are family trouble, racism and 1960's politics, and Inger Stevens as Madigan's wife. Don Stroud was interesting in
his portrayal of the small-time criminal and slacker Hughie.

This Spanish DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 and with an english audio with english subtitles. No extras