Madhouse (1981)

UK Arrow Video Blu-ray and DVD combo edition

Reversible sleeve

Another pure trash flick from film distributor, producer and sometimes director Ovidio Assonitis ?
No, Madhouse is for sure a bit trashy as perfectly suitable for a B horror in the slasher genre, but it has got some nice
acting from the leading lady, Trish Everly, who sadly only made this one movie. Then she vanished into the big
nowhere and no-one seems to know of her whereabouts. Madhouse also has some great photography from Roberto
D'Ettorre Piazzoli and both Savannah, Georgia, USA as the interiors of the old house looks great as a setting for the film.
And then there are some "good" gore, a ST score from Riz Ortolani and a really mean Rottweiler killer dog.
So, this is the 2nd Assonitis directed film i've seen and it's much better than his awful Exorcist rip-off Beyond the Door.

This was labelled a video nasty in UK and that probably because of the weird opening scene during the credits, where
a little girl can be seen smashing another girls face in with a rock or something. A fantasy scene that maybe can be some-
thing dreamt by Julia in a nightmare recalling the horrors she suffered during childhood from her evil twin sister Mary.
Julia Sullivan (Trish Everly) works as a techer for deaf and dumb children and tells her boyfriend psychiatrist Sam
(Michael Macrae) that Mary used to torment her especially nasty on their birthday.
When the film starts there's 5 days to Julia's (and Mary's) birthday and she's not to happy to hear about Mary's escape
from her mental hospital. Their last conversation being: Mary - "I'll make you suffer, ha, ha, ha". Poor Julia.

Reversible sleeve

Julia lives with her cat as the only tenent in a big creepy house .... and the house is there for real in Savannah, and it's
supposedly a certified ghosthouse ... and she's not alone, besides her quirky landlady a mysterious slasher killer soon
moves in, and with a demon dog too. Hmmm, who's the killer or who're the killers?
The answer to that question wasn't the most exiting i've seen and even though the ending was a bit lame, there was
some interesting and well made murders on the way, as the dog-attack, the blonde down the stairs and the infamous
dog puppet head drilling scene .... that's the way to treat a killer Rottweiler, nasty looking creatures, yuck!

So, a very enjoyable watching it was and a fine Arrow Video 2 disc release.
widescreen 2.35:1 with english audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 or stereo 2.0 with english subtitles
Extras: an audio commentary with The Hysteria Continues podcast people, Running the Madhouse: an interview with
Edith Ivey from april 2017 (playing Amantha the landlady in the film) 12 minutes, Framing Fear: interview with cine-
matographer Roberto D'Ettore from april 2017 (19 minutes in italian with subs), Ovidio Nasty: interview with Ovidio
Assonitis in english from april 2017, 8 minutes (aaaaa, much to short, he must've lots of interesting stories to tell),
alternative opening title There was a Little Girl, original theatrical trailer and a Booklet

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